What to-do In Edinburgh, Scotland

  Hey Blogbees! So Chandi is visiting Edinburgh for a day with her mum! I decided to-do a guide for her as a Bonny Edinburgh Gal any online guide isn’t realistic for a day city break! Please feel free to … Continue reading

Preview: Scottish Asian Wedding Directory

   Hey blogbees! Mama I’m making history!!! Mashallah I’m so excited my names on the front! Get your hands on the first ever Scottish Asian wedding directory next week! Special first addition for free!!  A few articles for you ladies … Continue reading

C.Watson – Touch of Pink 2014

Hey little blogbees, A bit of sad news for you, Farah the Creative director of Metropolitan Fashion Show is leaving to head back to Dubai 😦 http://instagram.com/p/vmNq2zjlua/?modal=true “Thank you  Farah for giving me a chance to share your Edinburgh Fashion … Continue reading

YUUbeauty &Sobo Festive Event

 Goes with the dream to inspire tag line huh 😉           Who has a shiny new job doing what they love todo!! Say hello to the new PR And Marketing Assistant for NC- Public Relations!  NCPR, a … Continue reading

#FSmoments Christmas Menu 2014

Hey Blogbees, I had added the Zomato widget onto my blog page, I love this app! Zomato is an online restaurant discovery guide providing information on home delivery, dining-out, cafés and nightlife in cities of India, Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia, New … Continue reading

Halloween at the Edinburgh Dungeons 2014

Halloween Halloweens coming…. ..Witches and goblins are all around us.. …….you open the door and you get a big FRIGHT! You run around the house and your holding me TIGHT! ….Halloween Halloween Halloweens Coming!!…. So blogbee’s I’m the biggest scardy … Continue reading

Pre Blog: Touch of Pink

The Lovely Christine Watson the winner of Edinburgh Metropolitan Fashion show: Designers talent 2014 has announced her launch of her new range ‘Touch of Pink’. As mentioned on my blog post Edinburgh Metropolitan Fashion show: Designers talent 214– I asked … Continue reading


Hey Little bumblebees, So the past few weeks technology is not my friend at the moment. All the notes I take during events I write on my Notes App, my Iphone decided to delete all my contacts and restore an OLD … Continue reading

@edinburghblogg at The Rosehip

Heylo my little blogbees! Sorry about the late blog post! Been a bit of a busy bee! I’m learning to finally enjoy life and put my phone away. Yes SHOCK! 😐 About Edinburgh Blogger’s As stated in the ‘About Sultana’ … Continue reading