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Meadows Festival 2014 & Craft Fair

Family Weekend 🙂

How exciting! My cousin has won the Bemz competitions A birds Tale for the United Kingdom! So proud! A family full of career driven woman! Who run the world 😉

Nilufar is in the official Bemz website

Check out my cousins professional website

I met up with Nilufar and went along to the Edinburgh Meadows Festival, Edinburgh.

I came a cross the poster for the Meadows Festival on the Facebook page ‘Edinburgh Spotlight;


The Festival was a free entry two day weekend event on the 7th and 8th of June. The meadows in located in the central area in Edinburgh, easy access and next to the Bruntsfield Links. I love going for walks around the meadows as it reminds me of my youth as my high school is local to the meadows.


There was a lot going on at the Festival as they had a number of stalls around the two stage areas. There were scheduled musicians which one even played my all time favourite song by Kanye West- Gold-digger (made my day!). This child friendly festival even has a number of Kids activities for children. Unfortunately the weather took a turn for the worse and started raining heavily 😦 so we ended up going for desert at  favourite 🙂


10462525_10202502652308196_1154095316234007859_n The events assistants were giving out the Meadows Festival posters 🙂

10455585_10202502658348347_8639700805238208817_n 10439515_10202502658028339_7971969885390033052_n 10462537_10202502657548327_6877561447736203296_n 10443988_10202502657188318_820392850775310771_n 10448247_10202502656428299_8576728209292044172_n 10481030_10202502655868285_8521449775362470550_n (1) 10351819_10202502655268270_8745830478358604765_n 10384022_10202502654628254_3144403477530581734_n 10473182_10202502653388223_6561494913399967819_n 10455747_10202502652828209_2774624260593685747_n  10403642_10202502651948187_1471343822816429907_n

The following day Sunday the 8th I went along to a Craft Fair at Ocean Terminal, Edinburgh to support a family friend. Humera is the owner of Exquisitely Beautyful a cupcake, craft and henna company. Exquisitely Beautyful also had a stall during the Edinburgh Charity Ladies Night.


The Craft Fair was in aid of The Yard- a charity Organisation. The stalls were all independent boutiques which were selling jewellery, cosmetics, bags and accessories, paintings, baby wear and handmade craft designs.


Exquisitely Beautyful Humera is such a talented woman!

10462969_10202502663148467_6809077390867851188_n 10307387_10202502662988463_8634363877971579397_n 10489724_10202502662788458_7526659576562237465_n 10511084_10202502662188443_795550142539195108_n 10447660_10202502661708431_1338650833792238110_n 10489946_10202502661388423_8841064214710297838_n 10509564_10202502660988413_1227366379512498830_n 10489870_10202502660748407_1886101317015898976_n 10487271_10202502660508401_518788265081956576_n 1558516_10202502660188393_5445718318406645209_n 10428486_10202502659868385_2722845636071588205_n 10479228_10202502659708381_572245442637732720_n 10483899_10202502659508376_4318748487286145673_n 10311023_10202502659268370_1182557517009954140_n 10352572_10202502656068290_9168543980358194827_n

Well done Humera for putting this together!


Meadows Festival:

Ocean Terminal:

Exquisitely Beautyful:

I love supporting local events in Edinburgh. For a small city there is always something going on. Event Management is everywhere! Great weekend with family and friends!

10458049_10202502652948212_3025681478913465870_nDream to Inspire ❤ ❤

Sultana ❤