What to-do In Edinburgh, Scotland


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Hey Blogbees!

So Chandi is visiting Edinburgh for a day with her mum! I decided to-do a guide for her as a Bonny Edinburgh Gal any online guide isn’t realistic for a day city break!

Please feel free to print a copy! Or email me and I’ll attach a copy Sultanamalik@outlook.com

Sultana ❤ ❤


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Dummy’s Edinburgh Guide for Cheeky Chandni  

  Area What can you do Price and link
10:30 Land in Edinburgh


Royal Mile


Edinburgh castle

Walk through the royal mile


Tourist shops



13:00 North Bridge (5 Minute walk from Royal Mile) National museum of Scotland


Balcony overseeing Edinburgh




14:30 North Bridge Afternoon tea

National museum of Scotland





16:00 Princess street gardens Sightsee (main road for shopping) FREE / shopping spend



18:00 Dinner Dinner Check the dinner/ food box below
19:30 Head back to airport



Area Details Link
Princess street Afternoon tea https://www.roccofortehotels.com/hotels-and-resorts/the-balmoral-hotel/restaurants-and-bars/palm-court/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=local&utm_campaign=palm_court
St Andrews Square Tea / cake / sandwich http://www.chocolate-lounge.co.uk/
Leith Afternoon tea / cake / lunch https://mimisbakehouse.com/pages/mimis-menus
George street Next to princess street, you can do afternoon tea here or dinner


George street Best tapas ever! http://www.cafeandaluz.com/menus/set-menus
St Andrews Square Next to George street – dinner with a view of Edinburgh https://www.harveynichols.com/restaurant/edinburgh-dining/
George street (off street) Fancy dinner with a view / outside Terrance https://chaophraya.co.uk/edinburgh/



Other things to see if you have time

Area Details Link
Holyrood area Science and history http://www.dynamicearth.co.uk/?gclid=Cj0KEQjwx8fOBRD73f7Q1azszvIBEiQA9Wr42b_hPyP1e7-ol1l7GSo1-s_eaHosBCVcnLCUtBdxPnoaAjEi8P8HAQ


Holyrood area Arthur seat – semi hill climb overlooking Edinburgh  
Dean village Sightseeing, walks http://www.ewht.org.uk/dean-village
Leith Botanic Gardens – sightseeing http://www.rbge.org.uk/
Fountainbridge Canal – sightseeing, walks https://www.edinburghguide.com/parks/unioncanal
City centre Carlton Hill – semi hill climb overlooking Edinburgh  


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