Halloween at the Edinburgh Dungeons 2014

Halloween Halloweens coming….

..Witches and goblins are all around us..

…….you open the door and you get a big FRIGHT!

You run around the house and your holding me TIGHT!

….Halloween Halloween Halloweens Coming!!….


So blogbee’s I’m the biggest scardy Cat in the whole wide world…like I don’t do horror movies…or sleep without a little light…Yes…I am 25 now…..:( so I like to avoid Halloween..BUT I got invited along to review the Edinburgh Dungeons Halloween special!IMG_1340

IMG_1329 IMG_1324

I went along with my two work buddies- Alistair from Avenue Q and my bestie Nicole Finley 🙂 I got to invite guests with me and as Alistair previously worked for Edinburgh Dungeons I thought I would be nice to see his reactions to the new Halloween special scenes.

It was pretty spooky…I think some of the scenes play with your emotions as its pitch black at times and the props brush past you. Also I have MAJOR personal space issues…so some of the actors were really in your face trying to make you cringe. so the creepy vibe was excellent!

IMG_1333 IMG_1330 IMG_1332

Burke and Hare

Not only is Edinburgh Dungeons entertaining it is also educational as you learn the history of Edinburgh. There was a scenes where Burke and Hare were part of. I don’t want to spoil the surprise but it will go pitch black and you will see Burke in your face with an axe.

The actors were pretty good! I’ve only been once I think around 6/7 years ago…so a lot has changed and it’s become much more dark and creepy. Its really good how Edinburgh Dungeons makes you’re experience personal by picking on the audience or having audience interaction. The group was pretty big, maybe 5 people too big as some of the scenes were pretty crowded, being such a tinny person I couldn’t see and had major personal space issues.

Thanks for the picture souvenir 🙂

IMG_1347 IMG_1345


Thanks for reading! Defo check out the Halloween special at The Edinburgh Dungeons! Beats trick or treating 😉 then again…free sweets…mmmmm 😉

Tickets can be Bought Here: Edinburgh Dungeons


Blazer: H&M A/W14

Leggings: Asos

Top: Primark

Chelsea Boots: New look 2013

Gel Eyeliner: Maybelline

Mascara: Maybelline

Brows: Body shop

Lips: Rimmel

IMG_1323Dream to Inspire ❤ ❤

Sultana ❤

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