Preview – Front Cover to the Scottish Asian Wedding & Lifestyle Spring/Summer edition

Here’s a sneak peak of the #scottishasianweddingandlifestylemagazine !!! FIRST LOOK!!! #100DaysofaScottishAsianBride Mehndi and Wedding EXCLUSIVE! Introducing the Front Cover to the Scottish Asian Wedding & Lifestyle Spring/Summer edition. Absolutely stunning work by world renowned designers Ziggi Menswear and his team. … Continue reading

#100DaysofaScottishAsianBride [Day 31]

#100DaysofaScottishAsianBride [Day 31] 30.10.15 @Nilufar.J.Islam Fashion Forward My cousin Jess is a great writer and knows what shes taking about when it comes to fashion literature (see her work here and in the Scottish Asian Wedding Directory) which is why … Continue reading

The tradition Royal wedding –The Scottish Asian Wedding Directory

The tradition Royal wedding

This timeless traditional theme is perfect if you’re looking for an extravagant bold look. The dark red colour pallet brings a royal atmosphere.

Photo 10-01-2016, 19 17 45.jpg

Drape goddess -The Scottish Asian Wedding Directory

Drape goddess

Every bride wants to make their venue look different – a quick but easy way to transform your venue is by draping the walls – this creates a clear canvas to work with but keeps the look beautiful and classic.

Photo 10-01-2016, 15 46 34.jpg


Vintage theme – The Scottish Asian Wedding Directory

Vintage theme

Huge this summer for 2016! The vintage western theme! This simple but classic theme is a timeless look for a more contemporary bride.

Photo 10-01-2016, 15 38 19.jpg


Haldi Theme -The Scottish Asian Wedding Directory

Haldi theme

Name of a spice and Armenian gold – the Haldi theme is a wonderful traditional theme can work well with a 21st century bride. Keep your mehndi minimum and reflect tradition by having a simple mehndi with a colour palette of Yellows, oranges, greens and mustard tones.

Photo 10-01-2016, 15 12 21.jpg

Moroccan theme -The Scottish Asian Wedding Directory

Moroccan theme

Take your guests to Marrakesh with this Moroccan themed décor. With some key exotic touches transform the venue into a beautiful colourful celebration – colour pallets of purples, and blues.

Photo 10-01-2016, 15 21 38

Day Garden Party Theme -The Scottish Asian Wedding Directory

Day Garden Party

A garden party is a huge trend in America at the moment. This fun, fresh and light theme is great for an intimate mehndi in a family garden.

Photo 10-01-2016, 15 03 27.jpg