Outfit post: fresh pink spring florals

Outfit post: fresh pink spring florals


I organised my cousins bridal breakfast for her this Saturday! I wanted incorporate her Nikkah theme of fresh floral print!

I discussed with @mimisbakehouse to come through a little earlier to set the table up, the ladies were super helpful! Thank you to my sister for designing me the labelling (date incorrect 🙈) for the sweet jars. I wanted to make the floral bands myself but ran out of time so bought these cute things from @clairesaccesories !

Back to one of my favourite outfit at the moment! My most asked about skirts! I originally bought it for our holiday but it’s a bit too thick for holiday wear. 

Top: Boohoo £12.00

Skirt: Boohoo £18.00

Shoes: Asos £30

Dream to inspire ❤

Sultana ❤ 

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