Bollywood night – Nathni’s nose Chain

Hey blogbees!

I wanted to write about this Bollywood inspired look I did a few weekends ago!

Photo 30-01-2016, 18 38 33.jpg

With Devdas being my favourite Bollywood movie I could not wait for Bajirao Mastani. Tradition. Culture. Classic music. the Wardrobe.

Especially with the beautiful Deepika Padukone playing the lead female role, could only mean extravagant costumes.

I bought this nose chain (also known as a Nathni in South Asia) from H&M a few months ago now and thought I’d save it for wedding celebrations. But as my event buddy’s student event was around the corner I thought HEY why not. With my midi dress this nose ring chain just gives it that kick of Bollywood.

Photo 30-01-2016, 18 51 25Photo 30-01-2016, 18 18 15Photo 30-01-2016, 18 19 28

Really huge trend right now with Sabyasachi Official rocking his new Spring summer 16 collection, Priyanka Chopra on the front of the new Harper’s Bazaar Bride, the QueenBey decent wardrobe look  from Hymn for the weekend and huge on the western market! Especially as I bought the nose chain from H&M. You can buy a bridal version from Deeya Jewellery (Did you know Deeya is Scottish!?).

Sabyasachi Official

Harper’s Bazaar Bride

Hymn for the weekend 

Well done on Ash and her team for organising this Bollywood night for charity. I truly loved the traditional dancers.

Photo 30-01-2016, 19 03 59Photo 30-01-2016, 18 21 20

Food for though…ladies don’t let other people’s insecurities intimidate you in trying something this crazy in public. Learn to love yourself before a black heart takes over. Use you’re social statues as a way to promote positivity and woman empowerment. Love what you do and you won’t care what other do, 

Until next time blogbees.
Dream to Inspire ❤ ❤

Sultana ❤

One thought on “Bollywood night – Nathni’s nose Chain

  1. The nose ring looks beautiful on you! I love how you didn’t pair it with the obvious Indian outfit. Instead, you made your blue dress look quite Indian with it!

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