#100DaysofaScottishAsianBride [Day 21]

This week actually marks the year point of my nikkah so what better time to restart the 100 days. Please go through my blog for the first 20 days a recap!

#100DaysofaScottishAsianBride [Day 21] The Nikkah #ThaherWedsSultana

A Nikkah is your religious ceremony where you’ve made you’re oath and promise to your God. In the western society I explain it as an engagement party.

I woke up early and had time for a cuppa before my makeup artist arrived! Afsheen did a great job on my hair and makeup. Hair didn’t go to plan but as the scarf weighs like 10kgs I had to have it in away it can hold up my scarf. Afsheen used a foundation stick on my face, as I had breakdowns of emotions I felt this wasn’t the ideal product to use on an asian bride as it either went chalky or when tapping my makeup with a tissue chunks of makeup would come off.

My outfit from Majestic by Eliza. It got so many compliments! I was gutted as at the end of the evening the fabric was very clearly snagged. The embroidery work was catching onto the fabric and tearing it in tiny pieces. It wasn’t the most glamourise look by the end, but shazia got this dress fixed so it is wearable again.

The Nikkah was held at my friend Affroza’s dads restaurant Bombay mansion. Restaurant holds 80-100 people, the restaurant have a function suit upstairs which came in handy for everyone.

I have to be honest. It was the most stressful day! Everything was like a crazy day at the next sale, it was so over crowded. And no running order. Which is an events coordinators nightmare. I had 5 minutes to take couple pictures with Thaher, and barely any pictures of my outfit/hair and makeup.

I loved my colour pallet especially my sister in law Rosie organised everyone from my Inlaws side to wear pastel colours. And all guys to wear grey.

Thank you everyone that was part of mine and Thaher special day! Thank you too all my sisters, my new sister Rosie for making it so perfect and the million hampers I got! And thank you to my bridesmaids, groomsman and Hen’s for celebrating with me.

Check out all our picture available on our wedding blog: Thaher & Sultana #Selfie | ThaherWedsSultana




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