#100DaysOfAScottishAsianBride [Day 9]

DAY 9: Choosing the bridal party

“Sultana I’m actually shocked how relaxed you’re being and giving away so much control” said Kirstie my Events Uni buddy.
Sometimes in events management you need to believe in people and have a strong team or your event will go belly up. I’ve got two project books, one for all the information I gather and one for when I’m out and about wedding exploring. Instead of giving myself all these tasks to do myself, I’ve straight up asked the girls to research this and find out companies that do that. That means if the research is done then I can book companies knowing it’s the best price in the market.
I’m lucky to have 5 sisters but even luckier to have such a supportive group of friends that know and understand how stressful this chapter is for me, especially as a control freak and a perfectionist!0Z9A3619

Picking my bridesmaids wasn’t very hard as when you get to a certain stage in life you know and understand who are your friends for life. Cheeeesy, but 100% true! I love all my friends and have great connections with them all. I chose my bridal party based on who had not left my side through the good times along and the bad. And also who could emotionally and physically stop me from going bridezilla crazy! So here’s the list:

Maid of Honour: Hassy. This is my younger sister and she has nearly as much control over this wedding as me. Without a doubt I can tell her what do to. Well… She’ll tell me what todo


Bridesmaid 1: Jess, my cousin and my first best friend in this world. She always has my back and is my absolute rock. I love Jess design and creativity background, which gives me confidence that my look and overall lookbook is going the right way.

Bridesmaid 2: Rumana, my cousin from my mum’s side. As a beauty consultant, she gives the best advice on makeup and maintaining a modern appearance.

Bridesmaid 3: Rukia, my Bangladeshi friend since we were babies. She has recently married, which brought us to be the closest we’ve ever been. I learned so much about wedding planning from #RukiasWedding2015 alone!

Bridesmaid 4: Amber, that one friend that never leaves your side, even when you’re being a crazy emotional B&%$£. She’s always full of loyalty and respect and is my mum’s favourite. I know she can definitely keep my mum calm and collected during the crazy wedding period.

Bridesmaid 5: Jordan, who is so comfortable around me and my family that I don’t need to invite her round as she really is that friend who would just say I’m hungry and help herself. My favourite foodie buddy, she can even handle more spice than me.

Bridesmaid 6: Ceylan, my Turkish long lost sister. Straight up tells me the truth without any filter. As a bride-to-be, we all need this kind of friend to keep us real.

Junior Bridesmaid: Tanya, my beautiful blossomed niece who is no longer a baby but a young adult and I love her youthful advice and inspiration. If I were the Kim Kardashian in the family she would definitely be the next general as the Kylie Jenner.

Flower Girl: Ariana, my little cheeky baby monkey ❤

12017434_10154186762070898_1779131465048142159_o 12036695_10154186757865898_772055821071724450_n

(If you’e not already seen these images are on my Instagram from my Nikka 13/09/15 find the tag #ThaherWedsSultana)

Dream to Inspire ❤

Sultana ❤

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