#100DaysOfAScottishAsianBride [Day 4]

DAY 4: Decluttering


So everyone that knows me knows I live in a fairyland where I love Disney, teddies, Hello Kitty, Usher and my souvenirs. I decided that as my time over the next few months were going to go super-fast I would declutter my room and make some space.

Do I really still need my friend’s wedding invitation from 2009? Organising my room meant that when I move out I know what to take with me. Apparently I am the biggest hoarder ever. I have managed to keep everything and anything from my youth and going through memory lane was the toughest thing ever. I don’t believe in grudges or regrets or holding onto the past, but going through all my junk made me realise that it was all this stuff that made me who I am today. I know I know Everyone says this, but it really is true.

Photo 04-05-2015 23 39 43 Photo 07-05-2015 20 52 06 Photo 10-05-2015 18 15 28 Photo 10-05-2015 18 28 27 Photo 10-05-2015 18 49 27 Photo 11-05-2015 20 35 21 Photo 11-05-2015 21 39 09 Photo 11-05-2015 21 49 57 Photo 30-05-2015 08 30 18

Dream to Inspire ❤ ❤

Sultana ❤


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