BBC Asian Network at the Fringe Festival: Day 2

Hey Blogbees!

I went along to see the Knave Productions presents- Natasha Norman: Norman’s Land at the Fringe Festival!


A brilliant, funny and south Asian comedian. I went into the venue thinking I would be leaving with a laugh and story to tell but it has actually left me thinking more about how we think of life and what society has done to us. Natasha lightly spoke about politics and religion. For example Natasha has spoke that our ancestors wanted to come to the west to make money and build a career. As the job market isn’t booming she moved to Pakistan to be a journalist. The comedy related back to her time there in Pakistan as a single lesbian on a tinder date.

A one-woman comedy about Natasha’s lesbian Tinder date in Pakistan. Support our journey to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

I got the chance to meet Natasha, she was lovely! full of life and really passionate as a performer. Entertained a room of people with a box of stuff and chairs!

Photo 09-08-2015 21 49 40

I love how during the fringe any room space/venue in Edinburgh is an official space for an event. So creative!

Keep an eye on the BBC Asian Network Facebook and Twitter at 12pm for short videos from the Fringe. Stay tuned to BBC Asian Network on Friday the 14th on the Nihal Show between 10am-1pm for a chat with me! 

Dream to Inspire ❤ ❤

Sultana ❤

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