BBC Asian Network at the Fringe Festival: Day 3

Hey little blogbees!

I was at the Edinburgh Royal Mile today to see some of the street performers with the Edinburgh Fringe festival. The Royal Mile and the mound is the two locations for the street performers during the fringe festival.

It is crazy how busy and full the Royal Mile gets during August! So noisy! There is so much going on here Arts, Drama, live music and live performances. Good place to take the kids in the family! All to watch for free!!

Photo 10-08-2015 17 03 00 Photo 10-08-2015 17 03 23

Keep an eye on the BBC Asian Network Facebook and Twitter at 12pm for short videos from the Fringe. Stay tuned to BBC Asian Network on Friday the 14th on the Nihal Show between 10am-1pm for a chat with me! 

Dream to Inspire ❤ ❤

Sultana ❤

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