Simpsons Special Care Babies

Simpsons special baby unit


My events buddy Ash organised her first event! I went along to show some support. Ash has a 14 month old baby called Khalia! Khalia was born premature 3 months early! The event was part of a college module and helped raised awareness for the Simpsons special baby unit!

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Amazing to see such a supportive community of friends and family for the great cause for the Simpson Special Care Babies.

SSCB is a voluntary run charity set up in 1985 by a group of parents and friends who have had babies in the Simpsons Intensive Care Unit. They were concerned by the lack of adequate resources and support for modern life saving technology and established the charity to work to give every baby in the Neo-Natal Unit (NNU) an equal start in life.

A babies chances of survival is dependent on a number of things; having access to up to date medical and nursing care, as well as the love and support of family and friends. Fortunately, scientific advances are developing at a phenomenal rate, but unfortunately due to pressure on NHS resources the NNU cannot always keep pace with these advances. SSCB tries to bridge this gap. We are funded entirely from public support through fund raising and donations.

More images here.

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