Here comes the Bride- EIWE

Hey beautiful readers!

I’m excited to write this post! Like my first ever blog post and get inspired and I like to put this down on ‘paper’.

It must be wedding season! Everywhere I look or go it’s all about weddings! All the wedding exhibitions, friends or family getting engaged, Magazines, billboards and my favourite wedding celebration of all Kim and Kanye’s wedding!

E! Online posted a selected few exclusive images from Kimye’s wedding! I am the biggest Kardashian and Kanye West fan! These images made my week! And my first look inside her wedding gown! His and her’s Givenchy exclusive!!


20140605-232323-84203442.jpg 20140605-232323-84203549.jpg

Kim had this beautiful dress from Givenchy Couture! As my Instagram followers will know I am obsessed with the Kardashians, Lace and backless outfits! so Kim’s wedding dress has to be my all-time favourite dress I have ever come across! The image I posted get 60 likes on Instagram and was viewed by 479 people on my Facebook like page!


The wedding themed post-

1- AWAZ Wedding and Lifestyle exhibition 2014

2- Asian Weddings

3- Put a ring on it

4- Hastage Selfie

5- Airth castle Hotel and Spa

6- The Edinburgh International Wedding exhibition

7-The Scottish Asian Wedding Exhibition

The Edinburgh International Wedding Exhibition has just announced a new date for your 2014 Calendar, October 2014!!

I attended the Edinburgh International Wedding Exhibition last month! I met a bunch of great people!

The scary thing about Wedding exhibitions is the exhibitors (Stalls) think you’re the bride! When I introduce myself as a Blogger I noticed people would either warm up or become conscious with what they say to me. As you can see my writing is very positive and if I ever say anything its always constructive crissum. I have a large amount of Events organising experience and have a qualification in events management (the theory and literature behind events) I believe I am some sort an expert in Event and Marketing field.

I met the venue managers Sophie at the exhibition, she was telling me a little about the background of how the event was organised. The fashion show was put together by Catwalk productions and events.

I asked Carrie – the founder of Edinburgh International Wedding Exhibition, how big the company was and I was extremely impressed to hear they were a team of 5!! Amazing skills and marketing talents within the team! To my amazing surprise, the team member next to Carrie had actually come across my blog via a mutual friend! Carrie asked if I would use the official images for my blog post.


The exhibitors layour


A band playing during the break

10150520_502591913197408_3397517897173298943_n 1625678_502593479863918_6463211136759162238_n 10156057_502595269863739_5944546004879980805_n 10174808_502595829863683_2686034552006178567_n 10171184_502596483196951_1714469590929618219_n

Overall well organised event considering this was EIWE first exhibition in the refurbished Edinburgh International Conference Centre. This might have had an impact to the audience as the event wasn’t as busy as the other wedding exhibitions I have attended. A little disappointed I did not find many official catwalk images. I would have loved to show my readers how detailed the dresses and garments were, I’m sure the ladies would of enjoyed the charming men in kilts ;).


Free magazine from The Scottish Weddings


20140605-225126-82286583.jpgDream To Inspire ❤ ❤

Sultana ❤










5 thoughts on “Here comes the Bride- EIWE

  1. Lovely post babes. Why does it not surprise me that Kim K has managed to sneak into this post 😉 when you get married you will defo be recreating her wedding 😉 xxxxx

  2. I did post on the wedding too 🙂 Lol. I loved the back of the dress, I wasn’t fan of how the front looked though. Great post!

    XoXo Shea L. ☞ ☞ ☞

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