EID-Al-Fitr 2018

Hey blogbees!

It was my sons first Eid! As excited as I was I still get emotional not being at my mums on Eid. My son will have different Eid family traditions than me which is so sad to think about ☹️ but exciting to know we’ll be making our own traditions together! I miss having my mums chicken korma as an Eid special so my big sister made mums korma for her dinner!

Eid day 1

During the day I was playing the perfect daughter-in-law role and then evening at Arianas! Where I can let my hair down (literally) tehehe

I got this pretty outfit from Rivaaj in Luton, gift from my mother in-law when I first came home from the hospital. I usually love wearing a saree but as it wouldn’t be convenient when feeding my son I opted out. Used the soft glam pallet on the eyes and made the makeup look all about radiant skin!

Daddy Miahs outfit: gift my Edinburgh Mum Baby Miahs outfit: Eid gift from peachie auntie! @InyandAli

Eid day 2

Outfit from Insaf fabric, Luton! I’ve worked with Insaf fabric during the woman inspiring woman fashion show I organised. Husband bought me this Sobia Naziro replica! I absolutely loved the mesh scarf! And the detailing on the bottom of my dress-top! I got this three in one rose gold chocker set from Newlook which complimented my outfit!

My sister inlaw and brother inlaw come over for a visit so I made enchiladas! And Husband made these bomb ass chicken wings! Evening we visited family/friends houses!

Daddy Miahs outfit: eid gift from Ibrahim @riverisland

Baby Miahs outfit: gift from Ranga auntie @tedbaker

Eid day 3

Since Ibrahim’s aqueeka I love wearing the colour mint! I didn’t realise my tone of skin would suit this colour but I LOVE! Bought from C&S Luton! How pretty is the scarf!

We went to London to visit family! My sasee horee is the best cook ever! Nom nom nom!

Baby Miahs outfit: gift from babychachu from @mamasandpapas

Eid day 4

I got this 4 piece suit from @rivaaj to wear when leaving the hospital! Never managed to get a decent picture that day so I decided to wear it again! It’s a size small but as I’m top heavy now the underdress was a little tight but then the trousers are maaaaasive! So didn’t feel as glam as the first two days!

Makeup details on the gram already!

As sissy inlaw was staying over we went to visit my khala horee house! I have a new baby cousin inlaw so I’m super excited to have a wee pal for Ibrahim!

Thanks for reading!

Dream to inspire ❤


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