Challenging Mount Snowdon

Hey Blogbees,

Thank you once again to all our friends and family for the donations! Hope we made you proud! Anyone looking to-do this challenge please please please train, it is not like the Scottish mountains I REPEAT IT IS NOT LIKE THE SCOTTISH MOUNTAINS😅 thank you to my other half for helping and encouraging me even when I was ready to give up…I can say I successfully climbed the seconded biggest mountain in the UK Snowdon with a few hours of sleep and only just back from holiday! AlhumduAllah raised above our target and raised £650 for charity! As a team of around 30 we raised £18,223.85!!

So I came back from holiday Friday early morning and didn’t get home until 3/4am. I had work the next day at 10am (there wasn’t any availability to get that day off 😦 )

Friday night after work we needed to make our lunches for our Snowdon challenge and my Sissy In Law needed some help with making the cupcake icing. That night we again had a few hours kip due to prep work.


Me and my husband tried our best to train for this especially as I wanted to be fit for holiday…but unfortunately Luton DOES NOT have gyms that suit me…I tried about 3 different gyms and all of them were either too small, unclean or just overcrowded…As I complain so much that Luton does not have areas for general jogging or hill climbing – my husband introduced me to Chalk Hill! Loving the view of Luton ❤

The Journey

Took about 6 hours to get to Wales (Pick ups on route). We started the trek a little later than expected. I was so quiet and grumpy on the coach – literally most unsocial human ever! I was tired…Missed my sleep and my bed… on top of that I missed the holiday sun 😦

The Climb

The first 15 minutes me and husband struggled…and we were the last group on the hike…wee chubby couple at the end eh.  We were super tight for time as we started later and we had to be at the top for sunset…(which was the whole point of the hike lol) Took about 4/5 hours to climb up and go down Snowdon..with no breaks btw.



My little brother in-law looks like a pure soldier LOL

Sweat and tears later… we successfully completed our hike up Mount Snowdon! One of the hardest things I have ever done and completed mashallah!


The view was insane! I am glad I did it..but not going to let my sissy inlaw talk me into something like this ever again. Need to learn to say No..Life of a Bhabi eh… lol

Dream to Inspire ❤


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