#100DaysofaScottishAsianBride [Review] Rehana Hussain MUA

31.07.16 Mehndi Makeup review

As the events organiser and blogger within the family I was responsible for booking everyone’s makeup and hair for the mehndi.

1/4 Mua I booked for the mehndi;

Rehana Hussain MUA for 4 of the girls; Shamy (big sister), Hassy (younger sister), Tanya (niece) and Amber (Bridesmaid).


Tanya and Amber (Rehana MUA)

Rehana is Sadia Ahmed’s cousin (my mehndi Mua) I first came across Rehana when she won the award for ‘the Best Party makeup artist’ at the SAFA 2015 event. I instantly loved her work as I liked her contouring skills, as well as she does her own makeup flawlessly!

I was particularly worried for my younger sibling Hassy (maid of honour) as she is super choosy with her makeup look and has never had her makeup done before. On the day Rehana was a true professional and was not pushy nor did not force her opinion on Hassy. Even worked along with Hassys own foundation or key parts of her makeup she liked. I loved this skill from Rehana as a Mua as she made Hassy feel comfortable which is really important as a client.

With so much dancing and running around and even an outfit change the girls makeup stayed put 🙂

Here is the looks she created on the 4 girls;

1) Shamy (Sister No.3)


2) Hassy (Sister No.6 Younger)

3) Tanya

4) Amber


Highly recommended 🤗


Facebook; https://www.facebook.com/rehana.hussain.mua

Instagram; @Rehana.hussain.mua


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