Things todo in Marrakech

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My little sister turned 24 :O :O how?! I’m sure we just celebrated her 21st… As I no longer live a 10 minute drive from my sister she convinced me to go on holiday for her birthday this year (Not that I complained lol) The husband was invited but he declined the offer (me and Hassy cause him to much annoyance when we’re together tehehe)

Flights – EasyJet

Flights we booked way back in November 2016 which were cheap (cheaper than flying to Edinburgh!) We went for 6 days and 5 nights, our flights on the Saturday was super early which meant we had all day Saturday to explore!

Hotel – Mogador Palace Agdal

Our Hotel was beautiful, grand and CLEAN! It has 5* rating on two huge pools, breakfast included, Gym, Spa and best thing (which saved a lot of money) was the free shuttle bus to the new part of town and old every two hours!

Ouzoud waterfalls – Azilal

On Hassy actual birthday day we went to The Ouzoud Waterfalls, which is about a two hour drive away from Marrakesh. We booked this via the hotel, a company picked us up and dropped us off. The mini bus had about 4 other people from the UK. As it was raining in that town 2 days ago the waterfall muddy – The tourist guide told us it will take about 2 days for it to go clear again :O
When I first visited Ouzoud Waterfalls 6 years the water was clear AND you physically had to climb rocks. They have now made it easier for tourist and created a man-made path. They also have water boats in the actual waterfall so you can get closer to the waterfall without having to swim in. My first and favourite tagine dish was found in a small little restaurant at the waterfalls. YUM YUM YUM! Meat just melted in your mouth and Potatoes and carrots were cooked to perfection!

Hammam and spa – New Town

One thing to this date I always speak about is my first Hamman experience. Was AMAZING! I would just go back to Marrakesh just for a Hamman, 2 hour spa treatment which meant 60 minuet Hamman and 60 minute massage! The place where we went to the Hammam room could’ve been a little more ‘professional’ as the ladies don’t wear uniform which obviously will get wet but maybe somewhat a dress code? Little things I picked up which annoyed me – like the Hammam room could’ve smelt better with scents or aromas. The room where you get changed in should’ve had a lower light. Throughout the spa the music was like chart Arabic music? The waiting area and massage room was more of a relaxing feel to it as the lights were super low with candles. They had Free WIFI! The price was more of a high-end price for Moroccan Hammam so I did expect 5* comparing to reviews and photos of other

Quad Biking

Hassy wanted to do camel riding but as I already did Camel riding in Egypt (Blog to be posted ops) I though HEY let’s do Quad biking instead! So in Marrakech company’s always approach you for deals on ‘excursions’ (Their favourite word) so me and Hassy sorted a great deal! Picked up from Hotel and dropped off at hotel! 2 hours on quad bikes and some Moroccan tea! As me and Hassy were inexperienced we had a helper guiding us

Jemaa el-Fnaa – Old Town

Across the road from the beautiful Koutoubia Mosque Jemaa El-Fnaa is this huge square (Moroccan version of the Edinburgh Fringe street performers) a section for food, henna, street stalls and performances
We visited the Jemaa el-Fnaa a few times to sightsee, shop or get a munch.

The souk – Old Town

On the top end of the Jemaa El-Fnaa square there is Disney’s Aladdin style Market. The Souk is an overcrowded area full of shops and probably the most talked about location in Marrakech. Nothing in this market is fixed price so it was pretty fun bargaining with the sales people. Sometimes they would give ridiculous pricing so they obviously see tourist and sometimes triple the pricing – Annoying! But we got a few bargains for our family to take home 😀

New town

Even though I live in Luton and there is a huge variety of Halal food I can choose from (compared to Edinburgh anyways) The McDonalds though…! The chicken did not taste like rubber and just melted in your mouth! The new town compared to the ‘old town’ is much more modern, and you think there’s less to do. There is a strip of shops, sightseeing excursion company’s and food restaurants. It wasn’t until the last few days we realised there is another world of shops and places to check out through the side streets and shops parallel to the main road.

Montecristo – New Town

For Hassy’s birthday Dinner we thought we’d check out the highly recommended sky lounge/ Dinner / sheesh bar/ bar / club. Dress code required (Smart) really professional location.
Dinner was AMAAAAZING – I LOVE SALMON dishes! If I was at home I’d lick the plate..Joking..Maybe. Lol I did the whole ‘I’m going to the toilet act’ and spoke to the staff about bring out Hassy’s dessert with a candle. They were super nice and helpful, even one of the waiters came and gave Hassy a rose. After Dinner we went two floors up to the shisha lounge. Really laid back floor and everyone minding their own business which is my preference lol.
If you ever go to Marrakesh place to be at.

Booking details

Easy Jet: Gatwick London > Marrakech = £75pp

Hotel Mogador Palace Agdal 5* £300 for 5 days and 6 nights (Including breakfast) link here


£300 on food, activities and presents

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