Women Inspiring Women event 2017

Hey blogbees, Just a wee summary of the how my latest event went – more posts on the designers to be posted 🙂

I was approached by one of the main organisers from the Women Inspiring Women – Masquerade ball 2017, to organise the fashion show!

We raised a staggering 36k for @humanappeal !

I had around two weeks to organise and execute this fashion show, the team had already found a few Makeup artist, the designers and some of the models.

As the event was more for religious purposes, I had a few boundaries ie music, image privacy issues which made my role a little tough as I did not want to disappoint the audience as well as the designers. I also couldn’t organise a rehearsal due to everyones busy schedules. BUT somehow it worked out 🙂

I had been working on ideas of how I wanted the fashion show choreographed but due to no rehearsal and on the day models not being ready on time, I had to compromise and change it to a simple normal catwalk.

Thank you for the tremendous amount of support on my events / fashion management journey in Luton!

Thank you to the organisers especially Sister Ishrat for guiding me and the volunteers from Human appeal for letting me take charge of the fashion show, a huge shout out to my models, @miss_mkhan @sanislam@farhanakhan12 @afrine2010 @shamiraslayy @rosieposie1525
Hair and makeup artist and hijab stylist! @shahinour_ruby @_aseeba@toperfection1 @sudaf1 @afifah_hijabs
And special thank you to my designers for trusting me with your brand!
@saiqalondon @reetclothinguk@immehabayas @insaf.fabrics.luton
hope to work with you lovely creatives in the near future again!


Here is a video of my multipole personalities 😅 Queen B vs fashion show creative vs chicken noodle soup dance vs blogger. Catwalk with my sissy in law @rosieposie1525 videos credits @shamiraslayy @shum4n4

Currently doing a little market research about a unique fashion event in Luton for this summer, Designers, makeup artists, models, Industry members please email me your interest 😀 sultanamalik@outlook.com

#100daysofascottishasianbride#womeninspiringwomen #fashionshow#blogger #fashionblogger #catwalk

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