#100DaysofaScottishAsianBride [Review] Beauty by Saira

31.07.16 Mehndi makeup review 

The 3rd makeup artist I booked for the girls was Saira Javed from Glasgow.

I’ve helped at a fashion show alongside Saira in 2014 at the Eid Fashion Bazaar when she did the models makeup. I love how Saira and her sister work alongside each other. With Saira doing the makeup and her sister doing hair.

I loved the makeup and hair on 4 of my bridesmaids, especially the hair! Thank you Barf (Monwara) for helping the girls sarees. Here is the looks;

  1. Jess (cousin bridesmaid)


  1. Rumana (cousin bridesmaid)


  1. Rukia (bridesmaid)


  1. Ash (bridesmaid)



Facebook; https://www.facebook.com/saira.makeup

Instagram; @beautybysaira

YouTube; https://youtu.be/75aKHlhzeXw


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