Immeh Abayas at Women Inspiring Women 2017

Hey Blogbees,

I would like to introduce the third designer that came on the catwalk at the Women Inspiring Women 2017 Event.

Immeh Abayas

Islamic fashion boutique offering contemporary designer Abayas available to order online.

Immeh Abayas was our only Abaya designer on the Women Inspiring Women catwalk! Modest fashion is a huge trend at the moment with so many bloggers and celebrities channeling an open Abaya look. Might be a little conversational as traditionally Abayas are worn to cover the women’s body shape whilst, there is a growing target audience which want to wear open Abayas as a fashion statement ie people like me.

Fashion is a form of expression so as long as it doesn’t have offensive logos or slogans, wear an Abaya the way you wants 🙂

Find and follow on instagram Immeh Abayas @immehabayas and order online

Images From @sophiemurtazaphotography

Dream to Inspire

Sultana ❤


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