@edinburghblogg at Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Edinburgh bloggers collaborated with White Stuff UK and put together Mad Hatters Tea party event.

I was the client liaison in behalf of Edinburgh bloggers that organised the event with sales representative and blogger Vitaliya Klimashevska.

The poster was designed by Husna Uddin! Me and Vita loved how quirky it was! We received great feedback from our Edinburgh based bloggers regarding the funky poster! Husna we love it!

Pre Event Marketing

We always reshare / Retweet posts that bloggers send us (Tag us @edinburghblogg or #edinburghbloggers). To help encourage engagement, create more awareness and know the number of attendees for the Mad Hatters Tea party Event  bloggers sent us direct email. This is where I created a database which highlighted blogger twitter and instagram names.

We had a list of 30 plus Scottish based bloggers and network representatives!

Mad Hatters Tea Party White Stuff UK, Edinburgh.

Photo 09-12-2014 19 10 38

I loved the décor!!! Fantastic DIY efforts from the staff!! The store manager Sarah designed the Cheshire cat cake! The bloggers loved this! Everyone went photo CRAY!

Photo 09-12-2014 19 25 32

I love my scones!!!

Photo 09-12-2014 19 21 29 Photo 09-12-2014 19 21 35 Photo 09-12-2014 19 21 41 Photo 09-12-2014 19 21 48 Photo 09-12-2014 19 21 57 Photo 09-12-2014 19 26 32

I had so much fun! Me and Shakira were literally like big kids! We defo had too much sugar! TE HE HE

Photo 09-12-2014 19 38 00

My dream!

Photo 09-12-2014 19 45 40

Lets just be a Doll eh 😉

Photo 09-12-2014 19 52 51

My famous pose! I love the selfie Mirror!!!!

Photo 09-12-2014 19 55 44

How many bloggers can you see in one image (“,)

Photo 09-12-2014 20 22 28

Hugging a random Snowman as you do

Photo 09-12-2014 20 29 45

hur did

Photo 09-12-2014 19 39 49 Photo 09-12-2014 19 42 42
Photo 09-12-2014 19 54 24 Photo 09-12-2014 20 30 14


We loved how everyone that attended was tweeting and tagging us in their posts! We re-shared all the tags on Instagram!

Here are some of the tweets:


Professional Images by Gav Young. More images can be found Here.

Photo Credits - Gav Young

Photo Credits – Gav Young

Photo Credits - Gav Young

Photo Credits – Gav Young

Photo Credits - Gav Young

Photo Credits – Gav Young

Thank you for hosting such a fun event White Stuff, Edinburgh! I love the goodie bag! My scarf is so beautiful!Photo 09-12-2014 19 09 50 Photo 10-12-2014 00 26 59


Photo 09-12-2014 19 50 03

I wanted to keep my look cute and themed. With a mix of festive lips! As The Hunger Gadownloadmes: Mocking-jay part 1 just came out I styled my hair in a side plait! LOVE LOVE LOVE

Hair: Katniss Everdeen Inspired hair!!

Makeup: Festive red lips – Mac Russian Red, jet black eye liner – Rimmel, Brow Pallet Body shop.

Top: Missguided £19.99

Skirt: H&M £14.99

Shoes: Newlook £29.99

Keep your eye out on the Edinburgh Bloggers webpage and for up-to-date information on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Dream to inspire ❤ ❤

Sultana ❤

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