#TheGathering6 by #ScotStreetStyle

Hey blogbees!

A group of Edinburgh bloggers went along to the Gathering 6 by ScotSstreetStyle. This was my second gathering I’ve attended – the gathering 4.

Dream to inspire and Edinburgh bloggers are mentioned in the ONWARDS! book by scotstreetstyle! Buy it NOW!

I love the creative vision Gordon has for Scotland. It’s all about community growth and not about his personal goals! A lot like myself with my blogging/networking objectives. I believe this book is a historic step in Scotland! Where it is tangible we can physically refer to. It can also be a guideline of the creative talents Scotland has. I’m so excited to show this book for the future generations.

The event was held at the SWG3 studio. There was so much todo at the networking event. Photographers everywhere, makeup studio, professional images with a backdrop, DJ and obviously a bunch of creative Scottish talents!

I was on Edinburgh bloggers Instagram and Twitter duties so I was posting live videos and images from the event. See here.

Photo 31-01-2015 20 57 15 Photo 31-01-2015 20 06 56 Photo 31-01-2015 20 05 11 Photo 31-01-2015 19 52 21 Photo 31-01-2015 19 53 05 Photo 31-01-2015 19 55 53 Photo 31-01-2015 19 56 53 Photo 31-01-2015 20 02 35 Photo 31-01-2015 19 43 19

Overall fantastic turn out! Thank you Gordon for inviting us! I can’t wait to get my hands on the book!

Gordon we need a gathering in Edinburgh please!!!

Photo 31-01-2015 21 55 51 Photo 31-01-2015 21 54 02

Until next time blogbees

Dream to inspire ❤ ❤
Sultana ❤


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