London Mela 2014

Hey lovelies 🙂

As mentioned in the Preview London Mela 2014 post, I attended the London Mela festival and was given a media pass. I was asked to be the official blogger for the Edinburgh Mela 2014 but I had already booked my tickets to visit London/Luton (Jakia’s Wedding). I was totally gutted I missed the opportunity to attend and blog but soon found out the London Mela festival was held on the same weekend! YAY!

I have been attending the Edinburgh Mela from a young age and seen the development of the festival and the growth of bringing together the Asian and multicultural community. So when I came across the London Mela details I was extremely excited to attend and approached the organisers regarding a blogging opportunities.

I spoke briefly about the Edinburgh Mela in the Nadim Saleem Presents….

“The festival is one of the 12 annual festivals held in Edinburgh, Scotland”.

“It is visible proof the Edinburgh Mela has changed over the years (From Meadowbank hall to Leith Links)”

“…there has been a rapid growth of demand in Asian events in Scotland, as 7/8 years ago the Mela festival was the only type of multicultural events that was heard of…”

The Edinburgh Mela fashion show was blogged by Farah and Nicole. Their blog write up was well written! Farah: and Nicole:

According to the news release by the London Mela 2014- Mela is a Sanskrit work ‘meaning to meet’, which is used to describe all different types of community celebrations and festivals within the Asian subcontinent. I also used this definition during the application process to get into the HNC Events Management course in College, where we wrote a 500 word report on an annual event, I choose the Edinburgh Mela (this might be the reason why I know so much about the Mela festival).1779175_10203072097863979_5693832136602106072_n 10369584_10203072090983807_1959716212258327990_n 10402930_10203072097343966_2334174659306549237_n

Lucky me I was the only blogger on site that got access press pass. Press passes were for reporters, journalists, the performers, events assistants, photographers and Me 🙂 :). I got to enter a private tent for the press, which has drinks and nibs for us (Food it always a good choice).

10520771_10203072106904205_6664664272202066280_n 10639509_10203072103744126_123795763096419286_n 10701998_10203072089823778_6250923362081715434_n 10702082_10203072105264164_2443630016416915302_n DSCF8195

This family oriented trip was fun! First day trip with my new niece princess Ariana ❤ The Gunnersbury Park, Ealing, London is huge! We arrived pretty sharp when the stalls  just finished setting up. Parking in London is really strict, to park your car it was £10 per car which is crazy parking price for “a wee Scottish lassy” especially on a Sunday but for London it was decent (I even saw a car get towed that was parked in the main road outside Gunnersbury park). When we left around 5/6pm the parking section was pretty much full with at least 20-30 lanes of cars.




When I first arrived I was instructed to the hospitality tent which I got a brief encounter with one of the organisers Lainy from Remarkable Productions. I also met Ruth a Festival manager what works freelance for festivals and events. Ruth has been working with the Mela the last two months (prior mela). It was good to learn that Lainy works for the actual organising of the ‘Mela’ – the artists and the scheduling and bringing in the targeted audience. Whilst Ruth’s team would be in-charge of the event design of set up, the events assistants, the health and safety of the stage areas and the liaison for Gunnersbury Park.


There was 4 main stages;

  1. The BBC Asian network stage
  2. The main stage
  3. The Lycamobile stage
  4. The Outdoors art

Within the park there was sections such as the Taste of South Asia food market which was basically my favourite part (such a foodie). The Care Pakistan Magic Mela Family Area which had family games and even games that are known in Asia such as ‘Cramboard’. I was a little surprised there wasn’t as many fashion stalls as the Edinburgh Mela. I was looking forward to buying a new dress or new bangles 😦

BBC Asia Network

10425384_10203072108024233_7179632725210738089_n 10665773_10203072107704225_4152900428668498043_n 10660247_10203072098744001_1965814960093702228_n 10672422_10203072100904055_221997826394447193_n 10687190_10203072099984032_3645876279862888867_n

The Main Stage


My sister bumped into Noreen Khan from BBC Asia Network

10710941_10203072098223988_1917622323584446189_n 10685584_10203072103224113_7392075509366132765_n

1901131_10203072097623973_1925373231943680190_n 1425507_10203072109144261_2724347738703555583_n 10176201_10203072090223788_3679327264186469289_n 10256317_10203072095303915_8404665206400418345_n 10409511_10203072095743926_8504217948338672997_n 10622862_10203072109864279_5382682804425583257_n 10670071_10203072099224013_6721167256269976876_n 10712789_10203072096503945_1529264380250896900_n DSCF8196


Lycamobile Community stage


The Outdoor Arts

16371_10203072102384092_6894899987184641452_n DSCF8154 DSCF8155 DSCF8161
DSCF8199 DSCF8200 DSCF8202Care Pakistan Magic Mela Family Area

DSCF8180 DSCF8178

Taste of South Asia Food Market

DSCF8197 DSCF8198


DSCF8187 DSCF8183 DSCF8175 DSCF8174 DSCF8172 DSCF8171 DSCF8158 DSCF8157I was so disappointed there was no fashion show 😦 or any information regarding a fashion show. On the site it did suggest ‘TBC’ but I assumed it meant to be confirmed regarding the timing than the actual participation of the fashion show?

I even asked the girls in the information tent about the scheduling but they said weren’t briefed.

crying.jpg 2

Dramatic Bollywood tears ;)….


The Lookbook section is starting become my favourite part of a blog post 🙂 I noticed I get get more feedback and interaction with readers whenever I incorporate my personal style into a post :). Even my statistics per post is higher and the my social networking interaction.

So a few weeks ago now I posted my new found love for maxi length kimono’s ❤


Whilst packing for my London Trip I came across my mummy bears wardrobe 😉 I found this gorgeous black lace cardigan! Arms are a little big but the length was exactly how I wanted it 😀 As the Mela festival is targeted at the Asian market I knew I had to dress in a conservative fashion to show respect to my culture. So I went with this contemporary Asian streetstyle look.


The lace Cardigan being the main focus of the look, whilst the detailed high neck sequenced top refelected the Asian high street fashion, skinny legging to give me shape. Paired with chunky open toe heals (Gives me height of course).


I wore a dramatic purple on my eyes created by the Urban Decay Vice 2 pallet (Jakia’s wedding). As my eyes were heavy I kept the hair loose  with wavy locks. Like my favourite video blogger Carli Bybel – I had major hand swag with my rings and midi rings.


1601537_10203072084343641_6478049009305461579_n 10175013_10203072090743801_7956701213144281638_n 10620705_10203072085463669_2532629979902720655_n 10628103_10203072096383942_2173978052388644530_n 10687127_10203072092103835_6357537828687462746_n

Overall I am glad to attend the London Mela Festival 2014. I got to see hands on what events/Festivals are like in London. It also gave me an insight to compare and contract from the other Mela Festivals. I met a bunch of great people, I even have a new Instagram follower being Salman Malik a recognised comedians from London that hosted the Lycamobile stage.10659150_10203072102864104_4595425452560144149_n

Thanks for having me as a blogger London Mela 🙂

Dream to Inspire ❤ ❤

Sultana ❤





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