QMU Graduation Ball 2014

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Such an exciting blog post to share 😀

I didn’t stay around high school long enough to attend my prom so attending my graduation ball was a big deal to me 🙂

The graduation ball was held at The Balmoral hotel, Edinburgh on the 29th June 7pm-12am. The venue space is chic and landmarks the Victorian property.

10356322_10202578679248822_7599925218292044407_n10537174_10202578670608606_7058563612109114032_n 10492227_10202578669568580_2623003363333332332_n All graduates were to be at the reception area for 7 pm for reception drinks. It was great seeing everyone so beautiful and dressed up! Everyone looked great! We were told prior to the Grad Ball the seating plan and our table number. The £50 per head ticket price included a 3 course meal, drink on arrival and my favourite part – Blushbooth!! I even over heard one of my classmates say ‘I need this at my wedding‘.


Blushbooth queue busy as usual 🙂


me, Amy, Kirstie and Charly


me, Amy P and Holly

10419471_10202578674448702_3923228648394620024_n 10502455_10202578672168645_7992117154812880255_n Dinner provided by The Balmoral Hotel was beautiful! Especially the classic Creme Brulee! YUM! Love a desert! 10527378_10202578668688558_856212402448034610_n 10432964_10202578668488553_9067150199508140026_n 983738_10202578643847937_3421617721193921805_n 10458313_10202578642327899_828969222414675753_n 1924330_10202578641967890_2046908999863269503_n 10463899_10202578642927914_5731738917444978743_n I was initially excited to see a dance floor and DJ but was pretty disappointing as the DJ didn’t really have a consistent concept to his playlist. During the meal there was not any music playing even though the DJ was set up and ready. The music didn’t come on till after dinner which created a dull atmosphere. One thing I learnt in my Events Module in Practising events management is atmosphere is one of the key aspects that need to be concentrated on during events.

We got invited along to Opal lounge, Edinburgh once the ball had finished. 10473068_10202578643407926_2098546128450113760_n10492190_10202578641087868_4727210957930446113_n10352031_10202578641487878_6835855220637810142_n10492122_10202578668248547_6420426911847649958_n10426560_10202578671088618_8904229366968996666_n10307168_10202578675008716_1760299918132708761_n #Lookbook The lead up to Graduation Ball I changed my mind on my outfit 3/4 times! I had prepared 5 graduation outfits as I wasn’t sure what theme I wanted to go with.


I ended up going with this beautiful Virgos Lounge Goddess Dress from Asos. Size 6 and the fitted like a glove!

I asked my friend Saleema Ali one of Scotland’s most recognised Asian Make up artist todo my hair and make-up (Charity Week 2013). Saleema received such an amazing response on her facebook and Instagram (Please find and follow her work).

http://instagram.com/p/p1pJ8cJgv0/ Capture I’m glad Saleema done my make-up!! As my feedback suggests, she was so professional and definitely fulfilled the clients brief! Anyone that knows me I have slight OCD so I’m happy to say I felt her brushes and techniques where hygienic enough to use on my face 🙂 Even as my friend she never got distracted by our conversation! My look was flawless and the glitter smokey eye make up effect worked brilliantly with my look! Thank you so much Saleema! You make up magician!

I painted my nails with Crabtree&Evelyn red (which I got from the #crabtreehandtips bloggers exclusive event.  The style I had in my mind was a East meets West lookbook. I accessories with traditional Asian/Bollywood jewels (what are big sisters for 😉 Shareen and Hucy). I wore my new nude stappy heals which was mentioned on the VIP Filling station Relaunch event.10455183_10202578565125969_935172269062029124_n 10356420_10202578565965990_6131728673189845398_n 10452312_10202578566366000_5012358111149133502_n 10468624_10202578566886013_3509176260807997478_n 10411337_10202578621287373_6557545526303555427_n 10487344_10202578623407426_2124662085010924854_n 10400853_10202578623887438_5192247478749233612_n 10442440_10202578624527454_648199114452604582_n 10464201_10202578628647557_6863625827918488181_n 10488182_10202578630447602_4136305173148761713_n 1604955_10202578632807661_45879024167751549_n 10458313_10202578633327674_7031693263472026572_n 10407763_10202578633967690_2325518951894950084_n 10444561_10202578634687708_8270066847682334696_n 10410811_10202578637247772_7984321468147642918_n 10288732_10202578638447802_5282437429499718134_n 10478236_10202578638807811_25746211932371690_n 10525774_10202578640367850_2939833371742610589_n 10527549_10202578676688758_1940141616331625498_n I loved all the dresses at the ball so I chosen a selected few that stood out and thought I’d share it with my lovely readers 😀


Chloe Ross



I had a good time at the Graduation ball! Loved the venue! My dress was navy blue with straps and detail over the straps and crossing under the chest area. Couldn’t tell you where it’s from haha!!  Chloe Ross


Very elegant and Classy Chloe 🙂20140708-225326-82406726.jpg







10450822_10152522036197020_7947754741014511906_n I had a good time but think it may have been a little pricey. My dress was from Jenners, designer JS Boutique. I chose it for being classic good to accessories with and the detailed shoulders and back.  Good luck and I’m flattered by the attention hope all is well – Katie Red Lyne


Sexy, Black and Lace!! so sexy Katie!!










Yeah it was great fun which was made by the people who also attended!! My dress is by Pia Michi 🙂  Chloe carswell

10391366_10202578675808736_3086388723499832691_n   This picture doesn’t justify how show stopping this dress is!! so beautiful and looks so expensive! Love love love Chloe!










I really enjoyed it, due to the fact we got to see everyone again! Was a good social gathering I was wearing a mustard yellow embellished dress from Virgos lounge, which had a low cut back detail and leg split up the side !  Holly Wilson

10410703_10202578671728634_6686865968575600682_n   The musky yellow really complimented her tone and hair colour 😉 Holly! you wore it so elegantly!















Had such a good time at the ball because it gave you a chance to catch up with everyone and to celebrate the 4 years of hard work! Allowed everyone to let their hair down and enjoy themselves with no stress I was also wearing a cream maxi length dress from Virgos lounge with embellished shoulders (clearly the best brand) Claire Pearson



Me, Holly and Claire love a Virgos dress 😉 Claire wore this floor length dress so beautifully! looked like a goddess! I was actually looking at this dress on-line before it went out of stock! 100% approve!



20140709-235459-86099406.jpgI enjoyed the night, it was good to see everyone, especially those who we have been through 3/4 20140708-224536-81936706.jpgtough years of university with, and it was probably the last time we will see most of them, which is kind of sad. Definitely a good way to celebrate. However, I was disappointed in the venue, especially the service considering how much we were paying for it!:-) Amy Philips

So proud of Amy one of the other petite members from Olymphusion for receiving a First class honours degree, She worked so hard for her results! every time I was at university I’d see Amy working away

You’re emerald green dress really complimented your eyes and I loved the Frozen inspired hair!

20140709-235620-86180421.jpg Very classy amy 😉






I loved my strapless full length dress from Lipsy. The diamond detailing meant that I didn’t need to over accessories. I paired the dress with silver, lace detailed shoes and a silver beaded bag. I did my own hair and make up, picking the out the navy and silver from my outfit in my eye make-up and having my hair cascading over one shoulder as the dress was strapless. I had a good night but felt that for the service we received £50 a ticker was a little expensive. Due to high bar prices at the Balmoral we could not enjoy the evening as freely as we could have in a more reasonably priced venue. I think for a student event, the venue was too expensive but I do feel that the team of students that organised the night did excellently with the little time that they had Kirstie Fordyce

I love how Kirstie done her hair and Make-up! Really loved the dress on you! so sexy with the Angelina leg split 😉 I don’t think I could of survived University if it wasn’t for Kirstie motivating and pushing me to hand in my submissions!


The outfit was actually a sale piece from the ‘Coast’ sale rack in John Lewis. I was looking for something simple in contrast to a lot of the beaded and jewelled dressed that are popular right now, so when I saw the pale blue dress I was keen to try it on and knew instantly that I was going to perk it up with the peachy pink lips.
Grad ball was a great time to see everyone all together for the last time, so although a great occasion, it was quite sad too. When walking into the venue it was so strange to see everyone all dressed up in ball attire, as we’re generally more used to seeing the slightly more slouchy style of the day to day uni wear. Everyone seemed on great form and to share the last moments all together with a glass of something in hand- perfect! Tamara Church

Loved the pastel tone on Tamara!!  I loved Tamara’s leadership skills- she managed to get all the events students together to get a group photo! now that takes patience! Like Amy and Kirstie – Team Olymphusion all the way 😉


Overall I loved what everyone wore! Everyone made such a beautiful effort! It was great speaking to everyone and catching up! Its second nature to me now I tend to circle the room and network. End of the day we’re all in the same industry and I hope paths cross 🙂 So proud of all the 4th year honours graduates and also like me the 3rd year degree graduates!

Disappointed with the Virgo Lounge dress, I was left with two huge scars on my back as the wiring had been digging into my back the whole evening! I wasn’t a happy bunny! Still awaiting on my reply from Asos Customer Service…. I hope you enjoyed this post 🙂 cause I enjoyed writing about it 😀

Dream to Inspire ❤ ❤

Sultana ❤

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