Hey Lovelies!! Such a big week for me the last few days!! I have graduated!! So no longer just Sultana Malik- I am BA Sultana Malik 😀hogwarts

I have officially graduated in a Bachelor of Arts in Events Management from Queen Margret University!! I hope to post a blog from my Graduation Ball and the Graduation Ceremony 😀

Sunday is Family day, went along to the Almond Valley Heritage Centre on Sunday the 22nd of June 🙂 As I have mentioned a number of time as a resident of Edinburgh, I still love visiting tourist attractions.


The 1850s building is a museum and holds Mill farm for animals. Almond Valley CaptureHeritage Centre in located in Livingston, a town outside of Edinburgh.

There’s always something happening, with milking, feeding, talks and handling sessions throughout much of the year, and a programme of seasonal crafts, games and activities for children during the school holidays. Kids can let off steam and engage their imagination in a range of unique playfacilities including a simulated archaeological dig, a play mine, toy tractors, pedal carts and trampolines. Even if the sun isn’t shining there are indoor play areas for all ages, and secrets to be discovered in the museum.

But you don’t need to be a kid to enjoy Almond Valley. Seasonal tractor rides and trips on the narrow gauge railway transport you through a pleasant landscape to peaceful riverside walks. The working watermill and machinery shed provides an insight into West Lothian’s rural past whilst the museum tells the fascinating story of Scotland’s famous shale oil industry. And, (of course), we have a delightful tearoom. Whether you’re aged one or a hundred and one, we’re certain that you’ll leave Almond Valley with a smile on your face.



I love this feedback wall! great for the growth of any business!

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We had yummy mince Biryani for lunch from my brother Inlaws Mint Indian and Bangladeshi Takeaway

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My nephews loved the farm and all the animals! great place to go on a family friendly mini trip! the open park let the boys run around without any worry (the adults too tehehe)!

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Dream to Inspire ❤ ❤

Sultana ❤

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