@superbhabi DIY Sweet jars

Hey dolls!

I’ve started a superbhabi page over on instagram for business and wedding inspiration purposes! Make sure your following! Thank you to all the support already!

My husbands brother had his nikkah done recently! And me being the bhabi I get to do all the fun stuff and create hampers/taals!

Here’s a quick easy DIY sweet jar tutorial for you!

All you need is

  1. A box of jars (wilko 12 for £5) 200ml 12 pack
  2. Personalised Stickers (EBay £3) square medium 5.5cm 15 page
  3. Halal Marshmallow (£1.19 per pack)
  4. Fabric (£1 for half a meter
<li>Extra: you can buy any plate or mirror candle plate from Wilko or the range, I also put a paper dolly so it has a vintage touch. Cellophane and ribbon from Hobby craft.</li>


  • Step 1: cut your fabric into a circle shape (use one main one a stencil)
  • Step 2: fill your jar with your desired sweets
  • Step 3: put the personalised stickers onto the jar
  • Step 4: put it all together and display!
  • Thank you for all the love and support on my DIY selfie frame! I’ve seen so many use my guide as an inspiration already 😉


    Dream to Inspire ❤ ❤

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