Super Bhabi: Wedding DIY – Mehndi favours on a budget 

Wedding DIY – Mehndi favours 

Hey Blogbees,

If you don’t know but should know I enjoy and put in more effort in the Mehndi event than the wedding event. I feel its more manageable and easier to try and organise whilst a wedding you need to consider so much more ie the grooms side / brides side / culture / budget / time management bla bla bla blaaaaaaa

So for the mehndi I organised personalised sweet cones.


  1. Clear Cellophane Cone Bags (Ebay £3.38)
  2. Personalised stickers (Bean Print £5.59)
  3. Millions (Bookers £4.99 x 2 boxes)
  4. Space shapes (Bookers £7.99 x 3 boxes)

This favours I left near the dessert table for anyone to pick up, everyone seem to enjoy these 🙂



#100DaysOfaScottishAsianBride #SuperBhabi

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