What to pack in my hospital bag | NEW mums guide

What I packed in my hospital bag

Bag 1 (mummy essentials)

  • sweets/chocolate/snacks for energy
  • stripy dressing gown or meexis (for delivery)
  • Next day Pjs / dressing gown
  • maternity pads
  • breast pads
  • disposable briefs
  • 5x underwear
  • 2x maternity bras
  • towel
  • slippers
  • spare plastic bags (for laundry)
  • phone charger/ipad charger
  • toiletry bag
    • shampoo
    • conditioner
    • body wash
    • hand towel
    • toothbrush
    • Toothpaste
    • deodorant
    • body lotion (I use baby oil on my skin)
    • face wipes (which you don’t need as you can use baby wipes)
    • soap/face wash
    • face cream
    • hand sanitiser (hospital has hand sanitiser so you don’t really need this)
    • hand cream (hospitals so warm you need to keep your hands moisturised)
    • lip balm (vaseline)

Bag 2 (baby bag)

  • nappies (I put in bag 3)
  • comforter (foofie!)
  • medication
  • Dettol wipes (cause I’m extra like that)
  • hand sanitiser AGAIN (hospital has hand sanitiser so you don’t really need this)
  • Baby oil
  • Muslin cloth
  • nipple cream
  • nappy cream
  • baby wipes
  • nappy bags
  • cotton pads/ cotton wool
  • 3 x hand mitts (You don’t need that many)
  • 3 x baby hats (You don’t need that many)
  • 3 x bibs (You don’t need that many)
  • 3 x body suits
  • 3 x sleep suits
  • blanket (I put in bag 3)
Bag 3 (Extra – Can leave in the car for after birth)
  • 2 extra PJ bottoms
  • 2 extra nightdress (hospital is super hot)
  • Husbands stuff
    • Spare T-shirt / Top
    • Toothbrush
    • 2 x boxers
    • fizzy drink/snacks for energy
  • extra pack of nappies
  • 5 x body suits
  • 5 x sleep suits
  • Baby blanket
  • extra muslin cloth
  • 2 x towels
  • extra wipes
  • laundry bag
  • Going home clothes
    • Baby outerwear
    • Baby going home clothes
    • Baby going home blanket
    • Baby going home hat/mitts
    • Mummy going home clothes (leave shoes in the car)


So tips I have for you guys is, keep bag 3 in the car no point dragging 3 bags with you to the ward, then need to repack to take to delivery suit then again in post ward. As just mentioned you can move around a lot (I moved beds like 6 x throughout my time in the hospital due to broken beds, be more closer to the window, moving to delivery suit then baby ward then to a private room) so don’t get too comfortable by bringing all your stuff out.
SIGN UP TO Emma’s diaries / Bounty pack! You get a free pack of nappies (which I used for my hospital bag, dettol wipes, nipple cream,travel size baby oil/shampoo etc.
You also get sample size wash detergents which is great to test out before buying the full bottle / or use on your newborn clothes.
As daddy Miah has sensitive skins I was a little worried baby would too, so i pre-washed all newborn clothes (only sleep suits/bodysuits) in a quick 30 minute wash with NO Detergent before I put into my baby bag.
As the first few days baby has to get use to air and change of temperature you have to put a hat on the baby. The hospital give you a free knitted hat (which I gave back as I though you are suppose to WHICH in fact you keep!!!! so gutted!!). All the baby hats i bought were one size (which is far to big for a new born!!) so we found H&M baby hats are small in size and are ideal for NEW NEW born babies.
I highly recommend getting that toiletry bag from superdrug!
I hope i have helped!! lots of love,

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