Outfit post: Our bridesmaid dress

Outfit post: Our bridesmaid dress

Hey blogbees!

I’m in Edinburgh for my cousins Nikkah ceremony!

We got these beautiful fabric from @membsaabOfficial! Really elegant and flows beautifully when walking! The neck detailing and lace arms are really makes the outfit! 

outfit @memsaabofficial

Makeup @themakeupbar


Please note – make sure you find the right tailor for this outfit. As it has a lot of fabric the tailor has to ensure they fit it correctly. I had a nightmare with my dress as the Luton based tailor didn’t line it correctly whilst the Edinburgh tailor pleated the underlining to dress so there’s more of a shape to the dress. 

Also as the neckline was low (as it’s an Asian event) we had the underline a little higher and onto the mesh so there no cleavage on show. 

Dream to inspire ❤


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