#100DaysofaScottishAsianBride [Review] Allana-Jade Wilson at Studio E

31.07.16 Mehndi makeup review

2/4 makeup artist I book for the girls.

I arranged for all my sister’s make-up well in advance for my Mehndi, as we all know for any girl this is big deal to look her best, and to find the right MUA.

Unfortunately a few days before the mehndi, I was faced with an unfortunate dilemma. One of the Mua had a family emergency which meant 3 of my sisters were let down along with 4 hijab settings. Luckily I found Allana located in Studio E, who had space for 2 clients, this was given to both my older sisters. 

I knew about Allana when she did my best friend Ash’s makeup for her wedding. So I had a good indication of her skills. I will admit my sisters are all fussy, and normally do their own make-up for weddings and parties. So I had to find a skilled Mua who will listen and cater to their taste.

Allana is really good with heavy Asian makeup! And is extremely friendly which allows her clients to feel at home. Overall my two elder sisters Shareen and Husna were satisfied with their look and came out very happy! Shareen never had her makeup done before so it was great to hear positive feedback from her on her experience!

One thing I liked about Allana is she doesn’t hide her makeup artist tricks or techniques she uses on clients. Even to the point helped my sister shop for new makeup! Amazing to learn this! I even bough the Niva Men’s balm as a primer as it was recommended by Allana! Definitely there should be more make-up artists like her where they aren’t afraid to share their makeup tricks.


  1. Shareen

DSC_4315.JPG2. Hucy


Thank you Allana for making my sisters look younger than me! Hehe


Facebook; https://www.facebook.com/studioemakeup

Instagram; @MakeupbyAllana


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