#100daysofaScottishAsianBride [Review] GrafxMedia Glasgow

Only two weeks after the wedding Usman messaged me to say the pictures are ready!? We all hear these horror stories of videographers and photographers taking months (somethings years to get their wedding pictures). To my delightful surprise 2000 + images are ready for me so I can choose 200 for the album! Even though in their contract it says 2 week I still cannot believe it’s within the timescale they suggested! I’ve never heard such a thing within the Asian wedding market especially now during the peak wedding season. 

I’ve had grafxmedia on social media for years but only caught my attention when I started doing freelance work for Oceanic Hair and Beauty. Grafxmedia is the only company The Oceanic Group use for their events (Scottish curry awards, Scottish Hair and Beauty awards, English hair and beauty awards, the Glasgow Awards, Women Better Glasgow and so many more national events). During organising the #womenBetterGlasgow campaign Usman managed to deliver the images to me within 2 hours after the event! Working in social media is an extremely fast past business so having the images to promote the event so quickly was fantastic! From then I knew why Grafxmedia is known to be the best in the Scottish Asian photography/videography business. 

I cannot recommend Usman and the Grafxmedia team enough! Truly is a asset to the grafxmedia team! I just want to publicly say a huge thank you there time and patience during both my mehndi in Edinburgh and Luton.
The most professional and patience wedding company I have ever seen or heard of.

Thank you for everything from helping me keep calm, helping with the running order, photoshoot, creativity skills, guidance and working under the most restricted photo time (especially the crazy wedding).

I just want to highlight how much we appreciate everything you did for the mehndi and wedding and how flexible you guys are!

Thank you once again!

Please find and follow their work! 


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