#100DaysofaScottishAsianBride [Day 28]

image1#100DaysofaScottishAsianBride [Day 28]

15/11/15 Emma Roy

First day bridal gown shopping with the sisters!

So I have no idea what style and shape to go for, for my wedding dress. My cousin Jess suggested I visit London and go try on dresses.

Jess use to work at the recognised bridal boutique in Edinburgh Emma Roy.  She booked a consultation for me to try on outfits as well as if there is anything I liked. Me, Hassy (Sister), Jess (cousin) and Rumana (Cousin) all had a girly day out for lunch and Emma Roy.

AND WOW….can I just have a moment please…..IF …AND IF I hadn’t JUST wore white at my nikkah this would’ve been the dress. Literally felt it was made for me…the fitting..off the shoulder and the trial….

Before I visited the shop I never wanted a fishtail cut.. petit people DO NOT suit fishtail…but literally this outfit was a total game changer…changed everything I thought…



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