How to dress like CarliBybel for £35!

Hey Blogbees!

I’ve been writing so much about weddings that I’ve forgotten how much I also love fashion and beauty!

So I’ve decided to try something new and comment further on fashion by doing a fashion blog. I take so much time and consideration into my style and look so HEY why not 🙂 I’m no professional but I love how I put together things and get inspiration from my look!

So the beautiful @CarliBybel put up jaw dropping selfie! Which made me go crazy for this look and outfit! Found out this top is from House of CB which I bought within hours of her post! (Saving it for our Winter Paris trip 2015!!!!!) £60!!! YES for a top :O :O BUT Thank you to my so generous other half mahaha!!

Find Carli Bybels post here


So here is my high street version for more an affordable look!

IMG_0524 (2)

Photo 07-11-2015, 19 29 39 Photo 07-11-2015, 23 35 57IMG_0511 (2)Photo 07-11-2015, 23 18 04

Top, bottoms and earrings for all under £35!

Now where to get this look? H&M of course!

Photo 12-11-2015, 20 42 41 (1) Photo 12-11-2015, 20 43 50 (1) I matched my look with ankle books but for a more contemporary look go for the hooker boots that are taking over the high street! Lets throwback to Clueless!


Photo 12-11-2015, 20 46 14 (1) Photo 12-11-2015, 21 10 50

Until next time lovelies!

Dream to Inspire ❤ ❤

Sultana ❤

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