#100DaysOfAScottishAsianBride [Day 11]

Day 11: Understanding the culture


Every religion has different ways of wedding vows and within religion you have different culture that have different celebration ceremonies. Here is a simple guide how the Bangladeshi culture works-

  1. Cinipan – Where Grooms intimate and extended family meet the bride. In Modern times this can be the engagement where the ring is presented to the bride
  2. Bridal Shower – This is a family and friends gathering to discuss the wedding celebrations, have a laugh and relax before the stress
  3. Mini Mehndi Raat – Pamper and henna night for the Bride for her Nikkah
  4. Nikkah – this is the Islamic ceremony where the bride and groom are married Islamically (In Scotland the imaam (Priest) can register you’re wedding also)
  5. Hen party – Celebration organised by Friends and last girls night with Bride
  6. Mehndi / Haldi- Usually a few days before the wedding. Mehndi: Where the Henna tattoo is applied to the brides hands to prepare her for the wedding day. Haldi: Traditional part of the Mehndi where yellow cream applied to the bride on stage to help bring out radiance before her wedding day
  7. Wedding – the public celebration of the bride and groom getting married! Organised by the brides family
  8. Walima – after wedding celebration hosted by the grooms family to welcome the bride

Relating to a British wedding/Key words

Nikkah where a Imaam do a prayer and you say Ameen (I do) and you vow to your God = Church wedding where you tell you’re vows.

Wedding meal and public viewing for the Bride and Grooms family and friends = Wedding Reception family and friends get to celebrate the newly weds

Bidaai where you family give you away to you’re Husband at the end of the Wedding (getting emosh writing that) = Walk down the aisle and father giving you away is during the vows part of a western wedding

Dream to Inspire ❤ ❤

Sultana ❤

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