#100DaysOfAScottishAsianBride [Day 5]

DAY 5: The meeting of the two families


Attention? Me? WHAT?
Why did no one tell me about how emotionally stressful this day would be? And furthermore, why did I not pay attention during my big sister’s wedding to know all this?
My parents invited Thaher’s family over for lunch/dinner. I got up early as I couldn’t sleep (like the excitement of the first day of school) and I changed my mind on my outfit choice around 5 times. In the end I wore this dark pink dress, which I think is really cute.  Thankfully the day before I’d cleaned the house from top-to-bottom (check my Beauty blog).
I’m such a clean freak! Literally no one can clean our five bedroom Victorian house like me. Meanwhile my mum and sisters cooked so much food, I wasn’t sure we’d ever get through it.
Considering it’s supposed to be an informal meeting, my family panicked and made it into a formal meeting, which made my anxiety go crazy! I had to take five minutes out just to calm down, which actually led to my in-laws having to ask to see me.

I’m not just being polite but Mashallah, I literally have the nicest most humble in-laws ever. Now I understand more than even why Thaher is such a patient and kind-hearted person.
Once I finally met everyone, they all seemed to calm down and relax a little. It was pretty intense meeting his gran though, it was just like in Bend it like Beckham where she checked my hands and feet for colour and how well I look after myself (Good thing I have cute feet). I could not stop laughing, as it’s pretty intimidating in front of a room full of my family and my soon-to-be family.

Photo 28-05-2015 09 27 08My mother in-law gave me a gold necklace, which was a sign of welcome. Rosie, his sister bought me a box full of presents which included a beautiful crystal embroidered saree, matching heals, jewellery and bangles. I even got a tub of halal sweets and a huge Yankee candle, which is my fave! Mid way through the day I changed into the saree and covered half my hair as a sign of respect to my elders.Photo 26-05-2015 11 57 21

Photo 23-06-2015 21 11 49 Photo 25-05-2015 20 12 55

I think the hardest part of the day was trying not to pose or pout when everyone was taking pictures. It was also pretty hard not talking to Thaher openly about my day, but we were both nervous and excited for everyone to meet and I’m so glad my loving nephews got along with Thaher.
We even had a competition on who could be the most creative with some blank paper. I made a classic fortune teller (definitely an 80s baby) and Thaher a ninja mask. My youngest nephew Armaan loved Thaher’s creativity, which melted my heart knowing he was fond of his new uncle.
It was the most beautiful day having everyone we loved meet and get along as one big, happy family.

Photo 25-05-2015 20 02 36

Dream to Inspire ❤ ❤

Sultana ❤


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