Interview By Jeanne R

I was recently interviewed by Jeanne R over at Jane Curtain Blog! Thank you for the write up and approaching me to interview me on being a Scottish Asian Events Blogger 🙂

The aspirational Events blogger Sultana Malik gets things moving in Edinburgh, the most fashionable Scottish city. Here her opinions on social networks; the fashion industry; the feminist mouvement and great values from her Bangladeshi cultural heritage.

Today, I am glad to introduce you a great person, I got to know Sultana Malik in Edinburgh. I admire Sultana’s personnality for being independent, hard-working, confident, assertive and passionnate about fashion. When she launched her hashtag#100DaysfOfAScottishAsianBride, I ask her if she would agree to talk about her career, personnality and values. This is a relevant interview aiming at motivating all women of the world !

More can be found on

Dream to Inspire ❤

Sultana ❤ ❤

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