BBC Asian Network at the Fringe Festival: Day 4

Hey blogbees,

Day 4 at the Fringe festival went along for some food and CREPES at the Assembly George Square Gardens! In the video my accent makes crepes sound like crisps apologies 😉

nom nom nom!

I love the atmosphere at the Assembly George Square gardens! Everyone is so relaxed and even sitting on the ground! Great buzz!

Keep an eye on the BBC Asian Network Facebook and Twitter at 12pm for short videos from the Fringe. Stay tuned to BBC Asian Network on Friday the 14th on the Nihal Show between 10am-1pm for a chat with me! 

Photo 13-08-2015 18 38 46Photo 11-08-2015 18 36 22Dream to Inspire ❤ ❤

Sultana ❤

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