#RukiasWedding2015 wedding 

“Here’s to the start of a new beautiful chapter to Rukia and Adil bhai. You truly are the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen mashallah Love you Hickory @rukiakrahman #RukiasWedding2015”

Photo 10-05-2015 13 03 03 Photo 10-05-2015 13 03 52

Photo 10-05-2015 11 48 29Photo 10-05-2015 11 44 11

One of the biggest day of a girls life. Her wedding day…. And such a beautiful ceremony this truly was. Everything ran according the plan, the theme all came together and most important the bride and groom looked complete. Rukias outfit was stunning! The asian embroider detailing really made the outfit pop. She kept us in suspense as she didn’t want the bridesmaids (even her sisters) to see her outfit until the wedding day! It was so worth the wait!

All her sisters, bridesmaids and family members complimented her gown as we all wore magenta which was chosen by Rukia. The wedding decor and even favours complimented her theme choice!

Photo 10-05-2015 11 43 38

The day before the wedding its traditional to go to the wedding house for a gathering. I helped plan the table setting and the perfected the entrance.

Photo 06-04-2015 21 53 09

  1. Flowers girls first where they stopped at the end of the red carpet
  2. Rukias sisters which will then go onto the stage and Fiona bhabi (sister in law) near the front as she will have to guiding Rukia around the room
  3. The cousins
  4. The bridesmaids who will stand alongside the carpet
  5. The BRIDE! Walked in by her big brother and two brothers at the back following

I loved the part Adil (Groom) held her hand and helped her on stage. So cute!

Photo 08-04-2015 19 17 47 Photo 10-05-2015 11 49 36 Photo 10-05-2015 11 49 48

Saying goodbye during the Bidaai (the bride leaving) was very much emotional. Life no longer is just Rukia its Rukia and Adil Bhiy. Brought together by our sisters as kids (#RukiasWedding part 1), best friends since teens and now family as adults ❤


Looking back at my mehndi lookbook I liked how it was full on desi (As  a coconut my sisters were so shocked with my look! lol). With the wedding look me and my sister Hassy suggested to Rukia that the bridesmaids to have their hair up as it will compliment the detailing on the color and even elongate our posture. Just by coincidence out hair bun all was at the left which looked amazing on photos!

DSC_0342 DSC_0346 DSC_0643

There was a delay in receiving our outfits by two weeks from the designer. Even though we gave 6 weeks notice, ladies give yourself 2 months if you really like the dress. Rukias sisters ordered a few weeks before the bridesmaids and the parcel arrived at the same time as the bridesmaids. Which was delivered on the busy mehndi.

Photo 08-04-2015 19 10 38Photo 10-05-2015 11 42 26

I loved my makeup by Sadia Ahmed. Recommended by my big sister and used for Rukias mehndi makeup. Sadia really made me feel relaxed. One thing that stood out in Sadia was she asked what I was thinking I would like for my makeup look, she agreed. Then I asked what she thinks would compliment the look, and her idea was so much better! Elegant and really brought out my features. Never seen my eyebrows so great and defined! Sadia was very professional and gave me tips on maintaining my look. Highly recommended!

Photo 07-04-2015 13 18 39 DSC_0330Photo 07-04-2015 15 17 31Photo 10-04-2015 20 40 47 Photo 10-04-2015 20 40 51

Designer: Fabulously Boutique

Makeup: Sadia Ahmed

Hair: Myself – I wanted to recreate the vintage pin up hair. I used my Tresme heated rollers to create the big waves.

Photo 07-04-2015 13 40 42

Style: "1"

Style: “1”


What I’ve learnt

Personal: I’ve learnt so much about wedding planning from Rukia’s wedding. A lot of jeously comes out during wedding and the truest relationships are put to the test.

Industry: I learnt the Asian wedding industry in Scotland really need to pick up their level of professionalism. With communication, engagement, time management and even their commitment with paying customers. Word of mouth is one of the biggest ways to market, 20-50% of trust recommendations from individuals they know (online local business reviews).

The stress and the organising it takes, you need a good team of family and friends willing to go out their way to help bring out your perfect image and complete you’re big day.  As you know I live, breath events management and never really looked into wedding planning. From this experience I would love to do more. My sisters keep saying I’m a natural and because of my contacts within the events/wedding scene is Scotland it made it easy for me as I knew who to approach or talk too.

DSC_0386 DSC_0518 DSC_0604 DSC_0614 Photo 08-04-2015 19 09 41 Photo 08-04-2015 19 12 59Photo 07-04-2015 21 33 17Photo 07-04-2015 22 30 33

I miss the running around and stress already but for now until next time blogbees. Thank you Rukia and Monwara Apu for letting me help organise and be part of your family’s big day 🙂 Photo 07-04-2015 17 05 19Photo 10-05-2015 11 41 40Photo 07-04-2015 10 02 42


Venue: Royal Highland center

Decor: Asian Wedding services UK

Catering: Asian Wedding services UK

Bride makeup and hair: Scotland’s most popular asian makeup and hair stylist- Kanval Afzal 

Mehndi: Shakira (fellow blogger at https://shakirarahman.wordpress.com/)

Bouquet: Shamy at SBS Creations

DJ Entertainment: Aishah Bz

More images can be found at mrandmrskhanswedding.co.ukPhoto 07-04-2015 18 24 14

Photo 08-04-2015 13 54 01Dream to Inspire ❤ ❤

Sultana ❤

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