#RukiasWedding2015 Part.1

Apologies! I have around 5/6 pending blog posts! I’ve been crazy busy with eeeeeeeverything!

a) #EdinburghBloggersCoast we have a new bloggers event hosted by Coast, Edinburgh

b) We are looking for help with Metropolitan Fashion show (Bloggers, Social media and event Assistants)

c) Started a new job YAY!

d) Working with Social Tailor with upcoming projects

e) Event Assistant and attending events in Scotland

f) Helping my childhood Bestie plan her wedding!!!

g) Working weekends for Blushbooth

This is how different Asian weddings are compared to western weddings. You can literally plan an Asian wedding in 6 month! I know right!

Every religion has different ways of wedding vows and within religion you have different culture that have different celebration ceremonies. Here is a simple guide how the Bangladeshi culture works-

  1. Sinpan – Where Grooms intimate and extended family meet the bride. In Modern times this can be the engagement where the ring is presented to the bride
  2. Nikah – this is the Islamic ceremony where the bride and groom are married
  3. Bridal Shower – This is a family and friends gathering to discuss the wedding celebrations, have a laugh and relax before the stress
  4. Hen party – Celebration organised by Friends
  5. Mehndi / Haldi- Usually a few days before the wedding. Mehndi: Where the Henna tattoo is applied to the brides hands to prepare her for the wedding day. Haldi: Traditional part of the Mehndi where yellow cream applied to the bride on stage to help bring out radiance before her wedding day
  6. Wedding – the public celebration of the bride and groom getting married! Organised by the brides family
  7. Walima – after wedding celebration hosted by the grooms family to welcome the bride

There is 6 Malik sisters and 5 Rahman sisters! so growing up we all grew up with each other 🙂 I am more than blessed to have such amazing sisters and that empower womanhood!

So me and my sisters decided to throw Rukia a Bridal shower! I literally made a spreadsheet dividing all the tasks and roles! Bought all our props and event design weeks before the event!

DSC_0232 DSC_1227 DSC_1234 DSC_1235 DSC_1237 DSC_2573

11015933_10153597687735898_6076920453429112151_n 10981396_10153597686900898_3041714356742486968_n

We had so much on during the evening, we had our own photo-booth corner which we bought props two weeks prior, the backdrop, an #RukiasWedding2015 Rukia instagram frame, pin the tail on Rukia’s bum ;), played PG version on a hens party game, food which include my sisters yummy Biryani! NOM NOM NOM. A sweetie table, which was decorated by hen party cupcakes, I created these retro sweetie bags and bought these retro cardboard straws! I loved them!

It was so good to see all the Rahman sisters relaxing and not talking about the wedding planning. YAY job well done Malik sister 😀

DSC_2520 DSC_2532 DSC_2642

10307201_10153597683070898_8061399668347429621_n 10342953_10153597695315898_2624389858777170219_n 10346624_10153597681265898_4534787667672386235_n 10389348_10153597697635898_780858922231278120_n 10422157_10153597699890898_9216088708927888928_n 10422366_10153597694010898_7490625266041775272_nYou have probably seen the picts from the Mehndi and Wedding on social media but I will doing a blog from the mehndi and wedding!

We created our own hashtag had 200 tagged images in Instagram! #RukiasWedding

Everyone looked gorgeous as always! My dress was from H&M £29.99 (A week later it was on sale waaaaaaah!) No selfie or outfit shot from the evening….too busy running around and arguing with my sisters tehehe!

Dream to Inspire ❤ ❤

Sultana ❤

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