Ash and Humza get engaged  

Hey blogbees!

As always been super busy! And behind in a few posts ❤

As an events blogger I don’t really do fashion posts or beauty posts, even though my social media is heavily about lookbooks and makeup checks. With events blogger so much more time and a lot more thought goes into what I write about. Hense why it takes forever for me to post blogs as I feel I want my blog posts to be somewhat educational and as my tag line is ‘dream to inspire’ to inspire my readers.

So… My point…..I’m going to start doing more frequent less formal posts as a lifestyle, beauty and fashion blogger 😍

I went along to my friends Engagement party last night held at Preston Field house, Edinburgh.

Congratulations to Ash and Humza! Ash looked stunning! As she wanted to represent her dad side Pakistani culture she wore this elegant floor length dress from Majesties by Elise!

11008765_906012092752733_586556184032123318_n 11080935_906004366086839_5623048062760763983_n 11082431_906012886085987_4010647665409998061_o 11101827_906005406086735_760206086964125827_n

11080292_906007212753221_4739889923342993763_o 11121747_906005569420052_4260183113573613865_n 11082398_906007032753239_8391459238764976656_oPhoto 28-03-2015 23 23 14

As her asian friend Ash asked me to wear asian wear! So to represent my Bangladeshi culture I wore a saree! Lucky me I have 5 very stylish sisters so there wardrobe is my wardrobe tehehe! I love this saree wore it before for Armaans first birthday a few years ago. Sarees can be difficult to wear depending on the material, especially as you wrap it around about 3/4 time which gives you extra layers. I particularly wanted to wear this material as it was mesh and can be slimming for my figure. I love the leopard printed detail and the sequences! Sarees are not as difficult to walk in as you think, I wore a midi skirt the night before and I think I can walk better in a saree than a midi! Yes I know cray!

Photo 28-03-2015 19 44 48 Photo 28-03-2015 22 35 15 Photo 29-03-2015 10 59 36 Photo 29-03-2015 11 02 41

I’ve got these new heated rollers so I put them in before starting my makeup, it gave me big volume and soft waves! My makeup I wanted to wear Browns, golds and antique shades. I used a burgundy colour before applying the brown to give me that Arabic kind of look. I had heavy gold glitter in my in eye section applied by the Mac fix plus spray!

Photo 28-03-2015 19 33 09 Photo 28-03-2015 19 33 37

Be warned tho…. Beauty is pain! Under a saree you wear this petticoat which you tight with a lace…. Yes no stretchy fabric but firm. This secures your saree from moving or basically keeps the saree on!

Photo 29-03-2015 03 07 46

I absolutely loved my look last night! Thank you to my eldest sister for letting me borrow it and putting it on, even if I was annoying her about the fit. Tehehe

Dream to Inspire ❤ ❤

Sultana ❤

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