Edinburgh Fringe 2014: Avenue Q

As I suggested in my article for Nadim Saleem “Edinburgh is recognised around the world as a model for annual festivals with attracting 4.3 million visitors in which generating 100 million to the Edinburgh Economy”. I am lucky to be based in Edinburgh as the Edinburgh annual Fringe festival has started! As a resident of Edinburgh, Scotland there are times traffic and the busy high street gets annoying but we are extremely lucky to have a huge programme of things to do or shows to visit.


As such a supportive wee bubble bee’s me and Nicole (Coley) booked tickets to see Avenue Q a comedy which our work friend Alistair is preforming on. Alistair Mackey is a singer and actor. He is the comedian within the team and is always full of energy. He has worked for Disney and has even done voice over a computer game as Stitch from Lilo&Stitch.

All together there are 273 venue spaces for the fringe shows, Avenue Q was in 152 – paradise round the corner from The National Museum. Avenue Q is in the top three must-see shows on during the Fringe! We found out during the show that it is a sold out event! Well done guys!

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Avenue Q is an puppet adult comedy show. The American musical performance inspired by Sesame street style.

EUSOG returns with the outrageous comedy blockbuster Avenue Q. With a selection of naughty puppets negotiating matters of sex, racism and coming out of the closet, this simultaneously cute but crude musical follows a bunch of helpless misfits, part-flesh, part-felt, in the quest to find their purpose in life. A vibrant, feel-good Tony award-winning musical which will leave you with a fuzzy feeling in your heart.


Managed to take a cheeky snapchat 😀

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The show was really funny and you ended up loving all the characters.

I loved the show! I liked how they highlighted issues that we deal with on a daily bases and kept it light hearted and funny by joking about Race, sex, gender, work and so much more. The love story with Kate monster getting her happy ending was so cute!

Nicole Finlay



https://www.edfringe.com/uploads/docs/participants/Fringe_Guide_to_Choosing_a_Venue_2014.pdf https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/avenue-q

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Me and Nicole had a great time! We went for snacks at Bar khol before the show and finished our evening at Patisserie Valerie, all the same area of George the Fourth Bridge, Edinburgh!

Dream to Inspire ❤ ❤1511494_10202761011607017_5034609322056823005_n

Sultana ❤





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