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20140520-081212-29532895.jpgHey beautiful readers!!! Excited to post this blog! Follow up from Charity Fashion Show.




Capture 2Just to keep my readers informed I’ve got myself a bloglovin account! I love this concept as it connects all bloggers from different sites ie WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr.

As you might be able to tell I love fashion, styling and beauty! As I’m not a fashion blogger I don’t focus on fashion and beauty. I want to keep my blog primarily on Events as I mentioned on my ‘Abouts’ section. I believe Events blogging is a niche in the market. So for the Fashion, Styling and beauty side of things I’ve created a Facebook Like page. This involves regular interaction with my followers, giving shout outs to talented people in Scotland ie other bloggers, designers, boutiques, brands, events, company’s ect. I want to also post a mood board for my outfit for a particular event, outfits/style I am inspired by and lookbook from local street stylist and celebrities.

I had a vintage themed weekend! With the Vintage Glamour Charity Fashion Show on Saturday Evening and Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair on Sunday.


Pre Event

As an invited blogger I helped promote the Fashion show for Cancer Research. I used my networkings experience and advertised the event poster through my social networking sites. I felt as an Events Blogger it is as important to not only market the event but also to share charity awareness. I shared the The latest Cancer Research commercial available on Youtube Cancer Research 2014.

To help create a buzz, I also created a mood board with the concept around my outfit, the Charity Fashion Show was themed around Vintage Glamour! This image alone got 568 views on facebook and over 30 likes on my Instagram.


Glamour Vintage mood board-

 “Vintage glamour theme for tomorrow evenings Charity Fashion Show! I’m thinking vintage white lace and a statement head piece.

Being the biggest Kardashian fan I am inspired by Kim Kardashian’s lookbook. It’s always fun to wear this jewellery piece with classic or modern dresses for the extra glam and style!I done my research and can see the local jewellery boutique Prestige by Shama sell such statement pieces!

Ladies have a look”

Fashion Show

As you walked into the event there was plenty of entertainment all round! There was a bagpiper playing outside and a Harp playing beautifully inside the venue! Attendees were given a warm welcome from supportive friends and family of Lauren.


Before the show started I got exclusive access to behind the scenes. We got the opportunity to network with the designers, Models, Egg Hair and Body (Make up and Hair Stylist), the organisers and the photographer.

20140531-012651-5211338.jpg 20140531-012651-5211173.jpg

It’s great to hear how close a connection the Fashion Events industry is in Scotland. Alison the owner of Red Carpet Luxury Dresses was part of the Edinburgh Metropolitan Fashion Show 2013 (Year previous to Edinburgh Metropolitan Fashion show 2014). And also Monika Wiktorowicz a model I’ve worked with a number of times now.

20140520-081128-29488972.jpg 20140520-081213-29533738.jpg

The designers were Pan Pan Bridal, 21st Century Kilts, Bustle Boitique, Those were the days Vinatge and Red Carpet Luxury Dresses and Psychomoda.20140520-081456-29696909.jpg

There was 4 very handsome male models who were modelling the 21st Century Kilts. They were all athlete – ABC Fighter John Thain, Footballers from Queens Park Football club Grant MossonJames Baty and Liam Gormley. I got the cheeky chance to sneak a photo with them all. The guys were great on the catwalk! James Baty even told me that he was more nervous doing this than before a game! But had a good laugh!

One of the event aspects that stood out for me was when the audience got the chance to engage with the event. By texting questions for the male models, these questions would pop up on the screen and you can ask anything! 😉


Extra event concepts was there was a musician singing live with a very 1950s feel of sound. A astonishing amount of great raffle prizes included Motel Brown goodies bags, Cheynes Hairdressing, Charlie Miller Hairdressing. The auction prizes was amazing! 2 x Tom Jones concert tickets, Canves painting of Hearts FC and Hibs FC, auctioned a boxing training session and even dinner dates with the models.

20140520-081521-29721762.jpg   20140520-081500-29700440.jpg 20140520-081502-29702160.jpg 20140520-081458-29698689.jpg

Post Event

Nicole The Fashion Blogger I attended the event with, has also been recognised for her unique style. She was in the style column in  the Evening News!! Please check her fashion Blog on the Vintage Charity Show.


I loved dressing up for this Fashion show and loved the vintage glamour theme. We got positive feedback from attendees and via social network posts. I met and spoke to a lot of great personalities within the industry, I even met the representatives’ from Cancer Research and Shelter Scotland.


Lauren has done a great job and has made all her friends and family really proud! She looked gorgeous! Hair and Make up done by Egg Hair and Beauty

20140520-081519-29719260.jpgPhoto Credits: Gav Young

20140520-081124-29484009.jpgDream to Inspire ❤ ❤

Sultana ❤


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