How exciting blogbees’!

I got invited along to a bloggers exclusive event :D! I met a bunch of amazing Scottish bloggers! I got invited along by Scott Harry Emery – a male fashion and lifestyle blogger from Glasgow, who is shortlisted for Company Magazine’s Style blogger award 2014! All the best Scott! Represent the power for Scotland!


The event was host by Crabtree & Evelyn-specialise in fine soaps from around the world. Located in the heart of Edinburgh, Hanover Street.10325654_10202342170856260_2609883596591322200_n


yay free products! Yum!

I was welcomed in by Lisa, the store manager who has been with Crabtree & Evelyn for 10 fantastic years! All 13 bloggers were welcomed with a soft drink, a cute cupcake and even a goodie bag! I heart free products!20140530-015849-7129041.jpg 20140530-015758-7078523.jpg


As I started looking around the store I was kindly approached by Jamie Rockers– Social Media and PR manager for Crabtree & Evelyn. As I did not know anyone and was nervous, I was glad Jamie came over and even complimented my style and my online exclusive Michael Kors clutch (Birthday present from my sister!! Lucky Sultana!).


Jamie had mentioned she has done a few Bloggers events around the UK. And said bloggers events are more busier than customer events! Great work Jamie!

I was given this luxurious hand treatment by Fatima a sales assistant at the store. I was using the products from the Pomegranate, Argan & Grapeseed ranger which is one of the best sellers! I asked about the other products and Fatima told me about there Eau de Pearfum fragrances. These special fragrances were Harrods exclusive fragrances and were even in the top 6 best sellers!

20140530-015849-7129946.jpg 20140530-015848-7128120.jpg

All the bloggers were very approachable and we exchanged blog details! Yay new Instagrammar’s 🙂 I was surprised to find out not everyone has a business cards, which I advised would be a handy card to have at events like this. Alexandra had a discussion on Twitter asking other bloggers thoughts.

Overall I met some great people! And my hands feel so soft and girly (compared to my usual gym hands). I hope to see more bloggers exclusive events! As suggested previously bloggers events have much more a lasting affect than customer events. The trend hashtag for the evening was #crabtreehandytips which has been used on my Instagram uploads and tweets 🙂


They even have a food range! I Love!

20140530-015849-7129495.jpg 20140530-015848-7128578.jpg 20140530-015846-7126372.jpg 20140530-015847-7127682.jpg 20140530-015847-7127249.jpg 20140530-015846-7126814.jpg 20140530-015845-7125499.jpg 20140530-015822-7102946.jpg 20140530-015823-7103388.jpg 20140530-015845-7125934.jpg 20140530-015822-7102071.jpg 20140530-015822-7102508.jpg 20140530-015820-7100312.jpg 20140530-015821-7101636.jpg 20140530-015820-7100756.jpg 20140530-015819-7099435.jpg 20140530-015819-7099883.jpg 20140530-015801-7081164.jpg 20140530-015800-7080296.jpg 20140530-015759-7079859.jpg


polaroid taken instore by Jamie 🙂 Image can be found on the offical Crabtree & Evelyn Twitter! https://twitter.com/CrabtreeUK

I even got a shout out on the Crabtree&Evelyn twitter! I love the vintage feel of the shop so I had to get a selfie with the shop surroundings 🙂


yay new blogging friends 🙂


Dream to Inspire ❤ ❤

Sultana ❤





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