Zardozi London at Venue Central’s Wedding Exhibition and Fashion Show 2017 –

5/6 Feature published on the @AmourWeddingdirectory

Zardozi London

Zardozi London offers a huge range of party dresses, gowns, suits, exclusive pieces and bridesmaid outfits.  With unique and fashion-forward outfits that can be custom-made, Located at the West End of Green Street.

Thank you to the team behind Zardozi for trusting me with your scene! I kept this light and fun for our models. Thank you girls 🙂

I had Shanice in a white lace outfit for the showstopping scene! I bought this mesh vail from amazon which I wanted her to take off in the middle of the catwalk! 

Exhibition & stage by Venue Central

Fashion directed and choreographed by Sultana Malik

Designers @imanboutique, @zainas_boutique, @memsaabluton, @sbscreations, @zardozi_london, @emmarahman14

Makeup and Hair team @ria.masih @aliakhanmua @shahinour_ruby @shabina_parveen_mua @rosybuddhamakeup

Models Mariam Khan, Mina Khalid, Farhana Khan, Shumana Begum, Abby Haggar, Chandni Fokeer, Sorbi Khattak, Shamira Halim, Zara Riaz, Shumaila Mughal, Shanice Tamim Rehaman, Ramzan Miah, Naeem Yasin and Sunny

Photography Al Nikah, Sophie photography and Eyecon Images

#Venuecentralweddingexhibition #LutonFashionshow #Luton #Lutonfashion #BedfordshireFashion #WeddingExhibtion #asianweddingexhibition #AsianBride


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