MENSWEAR STYLE SPECIAL featuring Ziggi Menswear

Article 6: MENSWEAR STYLE SPECIAL By Sultana Malik

Here are our top favourite groom’s lookbook for the big day

Tailored jacket

A man in a well-tailored jacket is like a female in her Cinderella shoes. When finding the right suit ensure it is fitted by a specialist that understands their clients physique. Keep it safe with a theme matching tie.


Also known as a dinner jacket in Britain. This outfit is usually accessorised with a bow tie keeping this look smart and classic. Great look for an evening wedding.

Embroidered suit

Why not be a little edgy and try an embroidered suit for the wedding. This look is a very contemporary look first came to light on the catwalk in 2014 and has really been nominating the grooms wear market.


A sherwani is a traditional south Asian attire usually knee lengthen coat, really embroidered with detailing either on the collar or the whole outfit.

Short sherwani

A shorter sherwani is a more contemporary registration / engagement look. Perfect if you’re wanting to mix culture and not be overpowering with detail.


Please note these articles this written by Sultana Malik (AKA Me) for the Scottish Asian Wedding and Lifestyle

Dream to Inspire❤❤


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