#100DaysofaScottishAsianBride [lookbook] Haldi- family and bridesmaids

31.08.16 – Mehndi. Family Haldi Saree

My beautiful niece @tanyarahman_ rocking The Spring summer 2016 floral print sarees I bought as a gift for my bridesmaids, cousins and sisters for the Haldi part of my Mehndi. 

I wanted at least one of my events for my sisters and bridesmaid to wear the same. So the first half of my mehndi I had the girls in these beautiful sarees! Bought from a shop in Whitechapel. They have other colours available in a dip dye version in orange, yellow, green and a purple. 

The fusion summer 2016 colours really went well together 🤗 The sarees really complimented the green Haldi saree I wore. 


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