#100daysofascottishasianbride [Lookbook]- Mehndi 2/2

#100daysofascottishasianbride [Lookbook]- Second outfit for the Mehndi 2/2 31.07.16

What more can you expect from a Malik event but an outfit change in the middle 🙂 So if  I had a walima I wanted to wear Royal/Navy blue, as I had a joint Wedding/Walima this was not the case. So for my second Mehndi outfit I wanted to wear a dress instead of a saree and I opted with the current contrast trend with an opposite coloured of scarf.

Originally when I first saw the outfit I was a little wary as it had a lot of body work, as I know my style and body shape I did not want to look downed in a ‘mummys dress’. We changed the arms length to 3/4 instead of full length and my mum tailored it for a better fit. Once these changes happened I LOVED the dress! Literally did not want to take it off! Its a beautiful dress for dancing as it captured all the moves and also great photogenic dress! I loved how light the scarf was as I knew I would be moving around a lot and did not want it to weigh me down.

The whole theme of my Mehndi was around the second dress with the Blues, Pinks and Purples as it was within the Arabian nights mehndi theme. The ‘Audience’ / guests lol had a surprise visit from the groom and a few groomsmen on the second half of the Mehndi Celebrations! I had the groom and groomsmen match my second outfit 🙂

The accessories I matched up was my big sisters 🙂 Thank you Apu Moni! The jewlerrley which I wore with the saree was more a yellow gold, whilst the work on the second outfit with an antique gold.

Sultana Outfit: Rang, Green Street

Thaher’s Outfit: Daminis, Green Street

Groomsmen outfit: Diya Online, Luton

Bridesmaid and sisters outfit: Memsaab, Luton






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