Women Better Glasgow 2016

Women Better Glasgow logo.jpgHey Blogbees,

I do apologise I’ve been slacking with blog updates been super busy, wedding planning, full time work as a call consultant and working with Oceanic Hair and beauty as their Marketing executive 🙂

Please find and follow @OceanicHairandBeauty across Instagram, Facebook and Google+! As part of my role I get to coordinate events and campaigns! Park of the Oceanic group and Oceanic Consultants that do events such as the Scottish Hair and beauty awards, the hospitality awards, the Scottish Asian business awards and many more top events in the industry!

The last few months I have been leading a new Campaign called Women Better Glasgow.

My roll includes;

  • Marketing the survey
  • Marketing the promote the event and the campaign
  • Creating a Press Release
  • Social media and engagement from the public
  • First point of contact for the Lord Provost Glasgow
  • First point of contact for the winners
  • Pre / post event set up
  • supplier liason – photographer, media and media board

So proud to have the Lord Provost Glasgow as part of the event! My biggest achievement! Its been fantastic working alongside Irfan Younis and Sam Younis in creating this campaign!


The Campaign

Glasgow has been voted as one of the friendliest cities in the world. National Geographic Traveller has suggested Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland as one of the top 20 ‘Best of the World destination for 2016’.

Beauty is not always about the physical appearance. We at Oceanic Hair and Beauty believe our inner beauty reflects our outer beauty.

We believe Women Better Glasgow!

Thus we have embarked on a campaign to find, highlight and recognise five women from all walks of life in Glasgow/Greater Glasgow, who make our great city shine.

The public in Glasgow nominated those that they feel are deserving of this recognition. The five winners will be invited to an official ceremony on the 25th of May in Glasgow which will be presented by The Lord Provost – Sadie Docherty.

Winners will also receive a year’s supply of treatments at Oceanic Hair and Beauty and have the opportunity to invite five guests to attend the ceremony with them.

Please see our contact details below

Survey Link                 https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/WomenBetterGlasgow

Facebook                    https://www.facebook.com/WomenBetterGlasgow/?fref=t

Twitter                         https://twitter.com/womenbetterglas

Instagram                    https://www.instagram.com/womenbetterglasgow/

Hashtag                       #WomenBetterGlasgow

The event

Congradulations to all the winners for #WomenBetterGlasgow 2016

Special thanks to the Lord Provost Sadie Docherty for being our guest speaker and for presenting the awards to all the deserving winners.9

  1. Kelly Mcgrath – fashion Designer
  2. Louise Renicks – Commonwealth games Judo Champion
  3. A) Anne Keegan – Founder Tea in the Pot
  4. B) Anne Mcghee – Volunteer Tea in the pot
  5. Faten Hamid – Chair of the Scottish Iraqi Society
  6. Liz Taylor – President Scottish Woman in Business

7.jpgOn behalf of my team at Oceanic Hair & Beauty I want to offer my congratulations to the winners today. I am sure you will be great ambassadors for the city and as a small gesture of our appreciation we are giving all the winners one years complimentary treatment at our salons.
– Sam Younis director of Oceanic Hair and beauty

Dream to Inspire ❤ ❤

Sultana ❤

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