I attended the #scottishcurryswards on the 4th of April 2016 held at the Mariott Hotel Glasgow as a @oceanichairandbeauty representative as one of the main sponsors! Follow their Instagram!

As well as working I was supporting my brother-in-law and sister for being finalist in two categories!

Photo 05-04-2016, 21 00 53.jpg

A HUGE congratulations to my sister and Brother-in-law at Mint Takeaway for winning the title for the ‘Best home delivery service’! So happy and proud of all their hard work and dedication! My brother-in-law Joshim Uddin being the food specialist and my sister Husnara Uddin for being the marketing and graphic genius!

A well done to all the finalist at the Scottish Curry Awards 2016!

Find and follow Mint Take away on Facebook and Twitter @Minttakeaway. Have you read my blog post about them yet? Why you should nominate Mint Take away for  Scottish Curry Award 2016

Photo 05-04-2016, 21 05 59.jpg


I had a crazy day getting ready you would not believe…

8am-9am – I put my hair in heated rollers and did the base of my eyeshadow

10am-6pm – Working at my full time role a call consultant (during breaks working on social media and lunch I tried to get a start of my face makeup)

6:15pm-6:45 – got changed at work and completed my makeup

7pm-8pm – EDI>>GLA

8pm-11pm – at the awards ceremony doing social media for @OceanicHairandBeauty, @WomenbetterGlasgow @DreamtoInspire @Minttakeawy

11pm-12pm – GLAS>>EDI

12am-1am – Selfie cray

(Then back up at 6am for work work work)

My point of all this was I loved my eye shadow! And its all because I did one layer of eye shadow at 8am..Its like a painting where it requires layers! Love it so much! I’ve never done this look before so I was impressed that I created such a look? My hair did not last at all 😦 literally left the house and it went flat…anyone got any tips for me? What do you guys think of the look?

Photo 04-04-2016, 18 26 02Photo 05-04-2016, 16 59 08Photo 05-04-2016, 22 38 49

Dream to Inspire ❤ ❤

Sultana ❤

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